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Full Version: More visits from those who have passed...
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My mother (crossed over 2009) and I were checking into a resort hotel (constant theme). After unpacking (constant theme), we went into a Las Vegas casino. She sat down and began to play quarters (constant casino theme throughout my dreams). I played one machine, then, another, until settling upon a third machine. I hit for $1,000 or 4,000 quarters. I was going to cash out, but decided to play some more, hoping to remain lucky. I started to worry that - it was nearing the time for my departure - and I could not remember where my "passport papers" were, nor did I know exactly where my mother was. Also, I was worried I may have missed my "flight". As I sat there, playing and planning what to do, an older man, a Saxon, in his 60s, with a large grey-white grizzly beard, walked up to me, wearing a naval commander's uniform. He demanded $40.00 from me, bending down to get in my face. I refused politely. So, this unknown man began to wrestle with me, determined to extract money from me. In disbelief, I grabbed the man by his chin...really getting hold of him, until he began to scream that I was hurting him. I did not let go, as I knew instinctively this was an evil man, who could not be trusted if I let him go. Yes, another persistent Cosmic Jukebox upon awakening. It is linked below.