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Full Version: New Tagging System
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I started a new tagging system, and so far it doesn't look like we have a lot of control over it. I may have to delete this version and do something else. Unfortunately I'm tied up the rest of the afternoon so simply try it out and comment below whether you like it or not.
Alright, I was able to add a tag to my post, but can't figure out how to add a tag to the window.
What does it tag? what's its purpose? Hope to learn more about it when you have time, Eagle1.
right now the tagging system auto-tags each thread so that each word in the thread title becomes a tag. an OP (original poster) can do a "full edit" on their original post and change/add tags via the "tags" field.
I just saw a thread with a ton of tags, I think it was one of yours. More tags than the title could have possibly had. Okay! sorry....I'll go read more threads and I'll finally get the gist of it, seeing the tags in the context of the threads.

My literal mind, as literal as common sense will allow, often is a stumbling-block when I encounter anything new. Big Grin Confused Thank you, gal.
lol...I already changed all the tags on all my posts Big Grin
I can't delete them. I can only add. This is totally bunk.
QUESTION: What if I can prevent the auto tag aspect of this? That would be better, yes? In other words, if the person doesn't add tags to the post, then there simply won't be any tags at all.

Would that be better?
Well that is a relief. At least the "deactivate" button works for the tagging system. Right now, tags are off.

Alternative option:

I think I like trying to just put our own tags into the actual posts. Whenever we see something of value in the thread, let's go ahead and put a tag in. I think I'd like to distinguish tags with hash marks. Example: #CameTrue.

Let me see how search function works with the pound sign.
That options looks pretty good from a search standpoint, but the disadvantage is the presentation. There's not a pool of tags to click or anything easy to read that shows which tags are present in the thread.

I like the idea of disabling the auto-tag function and let the OP tag it. is there a way to make it show most recent tags? if so,
is it possible to move the tag section of the front forum page? maybe if it was under the section of "about NDC" it would appeal to site visitors to click on a tag to see whats trending on the site?
good idea still.
Now I have to figure out what a tag is and how to operate
a little tech chaaaaallenged is all.......shucks.
But isn't Eagle the OP for bot runs? That would mean he would have to tag every time.
its fast to tag though. its just like a second subject line. he could put in the same title 2 times or something maybe
I deactivated it, but I did not remove it. It's still installed but is not being displayed.

The auto tag feature is absolutely maddening. It makes no sense to me. Every title includes words that we would not want in our tags, so it really dilutes the tag pool. PLUS, I can't delete or remove certain tags. That is a huge problem. I'll tinker with it after chat is installed.