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intention 497 (although I must say I didn't try terribly hard. I fell straight to sleep)

I got a job cleaning a busy office. My job was just cleaning. One day this man asked if anyone had shown my how to check people in for their appointments. I said yes, but only check them in. he said come help me for a minute check a few people in. first an old lady came up to the counter, but she was in the wrong office. Next another old lady came up so I verified her appointment time, but she didn’t have a piece of paperwork she needed. So I had to go over to the counter to my left, where the man was that asked for help, and look through these huge binders of papers in order to check her in. the guy was rude about the way I was looking in the papers. Being a real asshat. So I just said fine do it yourself and I quit. I said this isn’t my job anyway. But I was pissed. So I walked back over to where my cleaning stuff was and gathered up everything that was mine and left. I didn’t even try to do any of the cleaning before I left. I looked around quickly looking to see if I left anything. Then I was walking out of the building, which was like a mall or a strip mall and one of the workers came running to get me. She wanted me to come back and tell them what happened. I didn’t want to go back. Finally I did. When we got back to the office a bunch of the workers were sitting around discussing what happened. It was like they were judging whether to let me come back. One of them said “but she uses the best soap and softeners for the laundry”. Finally I said can I just tell you what happened? So I told them about the guy being an ass. They said what does he look like. He had dark blond hair and a beard. He had a small tattoo on his hand. They said oh that’s Jake and yeah hes a jerk. So they wanted me to stay and I said all im doing is cleaning, don’t ask me to do anything else! As they were going back to their work one of them asked about a little soccer ball speaker think that she just noticed wasn’t on the desk. I thought “I stole that a couple weeks ago right after I started working here.” I started cleaning. These people were the messiest I have ever seen. Trash all over the floor, spills all over the floor. There was a washer and dryer and I threw some laundry in. as I was throwing laundry in I found a towel that was mine, then one of my sons shirts and I thought “I guess its good I came back since I forgot so much stuff”.
As I was doing laundry I was suddenly at “my house” doing laundry. It was a farm or ranch. My husband was asking me about my job and I was like yeah its fine, I almost told him about my walking out of there, I started to but then I knew that would just upset him so I didn’t. I started to pour some fabric softener for the wash but there was a hole in the lid and it was leaking everywhere so I asked him to help. While I was messing with that I realized that was soap and not softener and I had bought another bottle of soap when I meant to buy softener. So after I cleaned that mess up I went to put softener in the dryer, a front loader but no glass door to see through, and when I opened the door all this paper started coming out. Tons, like someone had left a whole ream of paper in their pocket. It made a huge mess when I started trying to get it all out of my dryer to finish the load. The lint trap was completely full of the paper and I was digging that all out. Then my hubby went outside to do something while I cleaned that up.
Next I am outside and my boys are helping. We have these little dehydrating boxes all around the yard. We dry the grass cuttings in there. We go around and gather the dry grass out and put the new grass in that hubby just cut. I see my youngest son walking around dragging my show bridles and halters all over the yard and I tell him to stop! He drops them all, but a few minutes later I see him doing it again. This little guy is around 2 years old. I go get my gear from him to put it away and it looks like he has broken the silver, but when I look at it closer the leather is falling apart. At the same time my older boy and I say “mice”.

this area felt like somewhere in the Midwest usa. I worked in a medium size suburban area that wasn't very far from a more rural farming area.



This was so interesting! I tried again with 497 again last night and failed miserably...just all muddled up dreams again. Initially as I fell asleep I saw some train tracks, and then was briefly in a cave. But after that I was lost. I did at one point feel like I was in a heavily wooded area. It reminded me of the Black Hills. But everything after that was lost. And there WAS much more after that.



Location 479 was Mt. Shasta in CA.
(05-28-2015, 10:00 PM)Windy Wrote: [ -> ]When i was 17 my daughters father and i hitched hiked up to Mt. Shasta and camped in a valley very near a small lake. There was a set of train tracks on a stilted bridge that roared through the valley as we were "Making my daughter" at Noon. It was a thick wooded area, with a small creek and purple flowers. ATVs and hunters would also pass through the valley (They didnt on that day, but we could see the older tracks) a little ways up the mountain was a small set of caves big enough to walk through.

Xeemaye, you may have a hit and don't even know it. Have you ever been to Mt. Shasta?

There are also caves in the area. When I was there a few years ago, we went to a cave formed from a lava pocket. So I agree. I think you have a hit, Xeemaye.

No - I've never been to Mt. Shasta. It's on my bucket list now! Sounds beautiful. Windy - I love that you "made your daughter there". Fantastic.

I remember that the train tracks reminded me of the movie "Stand By Me". I didn't SEE a bridge, but maybe that reference was because I felt there was one on down the tracks. Then I like JUMPED to the cave. It was really brief so I didn't get much detail. hit my giggle button with "asshat" lol.

Thank you DLP! This makes me feel like even if I'm not dreaming at my highest capacity (which is still really bugging me) I'm still connecting.
lol that's my very favorite word of all time Wink
I may have to start using that.

DLP - I think this is a great exercise for me to work my dream muscles. May we have another? Smile
Next up in the que: 2331

Happy dreaming!

(05-28-2015, 11:46 PM)DLP Wrote: [ -> ]Next up in the que: 2331

Happy dreaming!


I'll have to give this a try tonight...had a WEIRD evening.
Thanks DLP!