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Full Version: Moderation on 2 forums
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Please note that due to my previous email mistake that I decided to begin moderating all registered users who post in the General Discussion Forum.  Therefore, if you post a thread or a reply in any of the sub-forums there, it will take awhile before you see it displayed in the thread. If you seem to be waiting an unusually long time, please Contact Us

Also, we altered the permissions on the Public Dreams to allow the general public to post dreams without having to be registered. Obviously the dreams posted by an unregistered guest will be moderated.  This was taken out because of a glitch in the system. We'll re-investigate this after the upgrade.

If you have any questions, you ask them here in this thread.
Yes. I think in total today, I approved about 10 different threads in GDisc forum, and Xee had several of those. I also purged about 5 or 6 spammers in same forum. I hope this will be temporary, as I know it's a pain on our registered guests.
The dream/vision research that is happening in this forum is good and much needed by humanity. I hope this forum does not loose it's integrity with all the porn spam I am seeing this morning.
Julie, the fact is, we're still running an older version of the software, and our version is known to have moderation issues. Thus, while you should not be seeing these porn posts, the moderator function isn't working, making those spam posts visible.

Thus, I will have to delay our idea for Public Dreams until I upgrade the site. I have no estimate on when that will be, but most likely not within 2 weeks.
Thanks Eagle 1. Since I have been posting on this Forum, I have seen the work you are putting into this. I know nothing about maintaining a forum and how it all works, so thank you for what you do. I am sensing how important this work is.
I appreciate that, Julie. I'm normally not overly patient with achieving certain goals, so that is one big lesson I've had over the past year with this project....I have to accept the small steps, one day at a time. Hard to do for a personality like mine Smile