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Full Version: cleaning daughters room
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Moved to a different house. Cleaning. Redecorating. Middle daughter is going to move into older daughter’s room. I take middle daughter shopping to find new bed linens. We go to a strip mall. We go into a shop on the second level. They have a comforter she likes. Its blue and green 12” x 12” squares. We buy it. Then we go looking at some other places. She decides she wants another one the same. I say lets go look in this store. We go in. they don’t have much selectionso I ask if they have anything that’s blue and green. She shows me one thing. Its not anything that would go with the other. So we go back to the first store and ask if its possible they have another. She says actually we just started making another. She takes us back to the little room where the display had been that we just bought. The woman and another woman are piecing this together right now.
We go to little hardware store to get some tools. Before I go in I stop on the outside of the store and nail up some ind of little plaque. It’s a brick wall and there are a lot of these little decorations that people have put on the wall. I chip the wall. When im done I step back and look. I think no bog deal, the one right next to it is chipped just like the one I put up. I go inside. The man at the register is grey haired and has a beard. I talk to him and leave.
Now I am back at the house. Back in the room that I am getting ready for middle daughter. The room has 2 levels. The lower level and a loft with a bath and closet. I go up the stairs and check it out, getting ideas about decorating, shelves, etc. I go back down the stairs. I begin making a twin size bed. I have a beautiful quilt that is purple and white. The walls are brick, painted white with a purple horizontal line that is located where a chair rail would be. I make the bed with the feet against the wall and the headboard facing out to the center of the room. The quilt seems to be a little big and keeps getting all crooked and I keep adjusting it. Finally I get it right. I go back upstairs. I have put some decorations on the bathroom counter that match the purple. I go back down and im carrying a large clear plastic shelf that had been on the wall downstairs previously, but apparently I had taken down at sometime and was going to use it up in the bathroom. I guess I changed my mind. Iget downstairs with it and im going to put it back where it had been. Now im looking at this wall where the shelf had been – it’s the wall of the stairs. I see the 5 holes in the wall where the shelf had been. I put the shelf down and pick up the screws and anchors that I had just left on the floor when I took it down. Now to my right, along this wall there is a built in bed. Im sitting on the floor and realize theres a ton of junk in this little crack between where the built in bed frame is and where it meets the carpet. I start cleaning this out. Its my older daughters stuff. Theres money, tons of change even a silver dollar – all my kids have one. There are bobby pins, hair bands and even a little black wallet. I clean all this junk out and I notice now that the carpet is coming up. I pull and edge and yep! Theres no tack strip. I pull it up a little more and realize the carpet pad is laying right on top of dirt. When I lift the carpet pad the dirt starts to raise up, like mole hills that seem to only have been held down by the weight of the carpet and pad. Now I start to move the built in bed frame wondering if the floor is the same there. I move the bedframe and discover a folded piece of paper attached underneath with black zip ties.
I remove the folded paper and it has a key attached to it. I open the paper and it’s papers about a car purchase. The writing is super tiny and im trying to read it. First I make out that it’s a purchase for a yellow mustang. I cant make out the writing of what year the mustang is. I read more and it looks like they traded in a vehicle. The trade was a “titan”. They traded a black titan in and bought a 2015 mustang. Im thinking this is weird, because these papers looked like they had been under here a long time. But now I have this key. It is not a car key. So I have to figure out what its for.
Now I am in a basement. The basement has dirt floor and cinderblock walls. Im looking at the walls here and theres some kind of filing system on the wall. Then I realize this is a key for a safe. And suddenly there is a safe built into the wall. It has a security system. I start to wonder if the security system is armed. Im looking around at the filing system for clues to the alarm. Maybe I can decode it.