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Full Version: Chat Anyone? (NEW CHAT!)
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So as long as the speaker has video other people could see that?
also, you can chat from your I phone or droid and you can chat with your twitter account and a bunch more stuff. You can link to or from Facebook!You can play movies you can play games. You can use MSN message, gmail and it even lets you invite people from other sites/places.
Unfortunately, they get the credit for that traffic until I figure out how to self-host. No worries, though. I'm glad we have something that is robust.
I am doing my best to break it! I am finding all sorts of stuff to mess with.
looooooooovvvee it
nope no video chat unless we (you will need to take up a collection) pay for it.
How much? Afraid to ask.... Smile
$999.00 it is on sale, down from $1999.00

I think we can have plenty of chat without it.
holy chit!
Wow, must be super nice Smile Must also be tailored to big corporations. Couch it for now. What else are we missing that we need?
its stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!

like Christmas!
Well, it is super fun!!!!! Not sure about the Big Corporation aspect. Depends on what they do and their goal.
only thing I have found is it does not want to let me upload my personal avatar.
Ah, that's my problem. I see that it's still uploading. Are you on Firefox? I am. Maybe we should try something else.
I am on IE and couldn't load either

however there are a ton that are already in the chat as default choices Big Grin
Chrome won't do it either
Must be a paid thing too!

That's terrible news, Windy!

If you have Microsoft, check out the Magnifier function. Go to Start---and type in Magnifier and click it.

I think you'll really like that function when you get used to it. It can make the whole screen super big or just a specific area.
What about a real magnifier on top of the windows magnifier? Or how about +3 reading glasses on top of win magnifier? You're too valuable to exclude, Windy!
(05-31-2015, 03:06 PM)esholars Wrote: [ -> ]$999.00 it is on sale, down from $1999.00

I think we can have plenty of chat without it.


Dunno about anyone else, but I'll cope without it. Big Grin
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