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Full Version: Chat Anyone? (NEW CHAT!)
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Need help vetting the new chat system. There are two links: one toward the top next to Portal, and then one all the way at the bottom where you can see who's in chat.

** All problems with chat can simply be recorded in this thread for now. **

Also, PLEASE watch your page load times to see if our site is slowing down at all because of the new chat. Thanks and hope to see you there.
Xee, sorry, I changed a setting and the window crashed. I'm trying to get more control of the chat window. That one was being hosted by another website.
i'll chat
all I get is a blank
Try it again. I was trying to force it into another mode...but I guess that doesn't work.
I am in chat. All alone and by myself!
Chat has a "Like" emoticon!
I would love to chat, but in a time crunch. Maybe later Smile
wait. where? I have been logged in chat for about 15 mins
It is super fast!!! Love the smaller window!!! DId not see who is in chat at the bottom of the page.
locked up...restarting pc
I think it is safe to say that Escholars and I are like two kids in a candy shop right now trying all the new things. Big Grin
Awesome! Be sure to write down anything and everything that don't look right. There are various versions of this program.
It won't let us upload a custom avatar. I've tried 3 times.
Who knew throwing a few toys our way would cause such GLEE!
Button towards the top next to Portal and Memberlist
I am testing it to the hilt! and it is so much fun! I may never dream again, I will just chat!!!!
Couple questions, esholars:

- Can we set up multiple rooms?
- Does it have private rooms or private messaging?
- Would this support a training type session or a conference call?
oh yes it does have all that and more. It has some really funny and cool sounds, emoticons, and I can even whisper! I may never come back to dream!!!!
It will work for all those thing as well it can even do video chat if you have the set up for it.
ps: I don't have video chat capabilities.
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