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Full Version: Race at University of Northern Iowa
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This is dream 1 of 2 that I recall from 6/1/2015.  I had a 3rd one before this, but that ones lost to me at this point, I guess it wasn't significant in any way.  My intention was to have dreams about things that would affect me in the near future.  In this particular case, I don't remember anything specifically waking me up so I'd remember my dream.

In the dream, I am going to be running in a race, I believe a 5k.  I am apparently warming up; the sun is not risen yet.  I am running out from the race site, which is Northern Iowa university.  I have a map so I'm familiar enough with the area.  I run from the starting area and I'm out in a field, I've crossed over a small creek that had wooden bridges.  The field is soaked over; I now realize that it is getting close to the start time of the race, and I need to get back.  I'm trying to run through the field, but it is extremely muddy and make for very slow going.  I finally get to a wooden bridge that I run over; it has an arch on it and is difficult to run up.  Upon the other side I now am trying to get back to the starting place of the race; for the record, on any out-and-back I never get lost, I have a near perfect sense of direction.  I come up and see a line of childrent that are riding on small bikes as if in a race.  I for some reason think this is an early event and follow them back - to the wrong place.  It is a stadium, and there is some sort of event going on, but its not the race that I'd signed up for.  I recall the map of the university, and go to the direction where I now remember is the actual location where the race starts.  As I'm getting close, I see that the other racers have just started, I'm late.  I go in to the registration area, for some reason I still had not picked up my timing chip.  I am forced to wait, as there are several other people that are still being helped.

I looked up the map of University of Northern Iowa.  It looked similar to the map I visualized, but from my perspective it was upside down; the race start area in my dream was "north" of the track and field area, but the reality is it was to the south.  It was like I would have had the map upside down.  The map would indicate I ran a long way in my warmup.

In terms of residuals, I am signed up for a 10k race this coming weekend, which to be honest I haven't exactly prepped for due to spending too much time with work.  But that doesn't explain where University of Northern Iowa came from.