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Full Version: New years eve in New Orleans on new baby day
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This is dream 2 of 2 that I recall from 6/1/2015.  I had a 3rd one before this, but that ones lost to me at this point, I guess it wasn't significant in any way.  My intention was to have dreams about things that would affect me in the near future.  In this particular case, I was awakened by one of my cats, who was meowing loudly because he had decided it was time to go outside - very close to the alarm time I'd set, but not quite.

I have forgotten significant portions of this dream prior to what I'm writing, so hopefully this represents what I was supposed to remember.  I don't know how but I know that I was in New Orleans.  It was New Years Eve, I don't know if the 12 AM had passed or not.  I am in a throng of people that are leaving the street to apparently return to their hotel rooms.  I am with my wife, but we were with other people.  Because of the huge number of people, we have started to separate from them.  I point out some of the people we were with that are ahead of us to indicate we're going in the right direction.  We are going through double doors, kind of like school doors.  They could have been an exit from a stadium.

I am now separated from my wife.  I am walking up a stairway.  There are fewer people around me.  On the walls are drawn lots of pictures of babies.  In addition to New Years eve, this is apparently "new baby day".  The babies are mostly drawn in chalk outlines.

I find myself up in a hotel room.  My brother is there.  For some reason, he is studying math.  I am suggesting to him that it's New Year's eve, we should go down and get a drink.  Music is still playing from out the window.  He is busy, so I leave him.

I find myself in another room.  I am with my wife and two other women I don't recognize.  Music is playing from out the window.  One of the other women is talking.  "Do you remember Jeanelle at that wedding?  Wow.  But all of the mothers look at those big men, thinking how big they are and what a big baby they will have.  But I have to tell you, it is fun to be with those men!" (and it was an obvious sexual connotation).

My cat meowed and woke me up at this point, I don't know how my wife was going to respond.  As part of my intentions, I specify that I'll document any significant dreams where I get woken up so I can remember them, so I'm following through.
Dear MTB Forums,

i have noticed that i often dream of what i have seen an amount of exact amount of Calendermonths before. Or i dream of something i will see an exact amount of months later. So if it were my dream i would look at it as normal to dream of a new years eve on a 1st of a month.
I would also be aware on the next new years eve if i see something of this dream. This works also with dreams of other people.

With the best regards.

Lean Siegrist