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Full Version: 6/6/2015 Don't believe what you see!
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I am at my parents’ house in New Mexico.  I keep noticing a large prehistoric animal with a prehensile nose, much like a tapir, in the front yard.  My parents’ house is on a 2 acre lot with little to no landscaping and is over 100 ft. from the road.  I keep noticing the animal and keep asking people what is this animal is doing there.  No one seems to see the animal and so they think I’m crazy.  Eventually, other large prehistoric animals begin to show up, and I say to people look, now there are more, and again it’s as if no one sees them and they don’t even respond to my questions.  Then other objects begin appearing all around us that make no sense; buildings, vehicles, objects in the sky….THEN people begin to notice and of course are rather freaked out.  Everyone’s attention is directed towards the sky.  These objects are absolutely huge.  I notice a convoy of men and machines coming down the road, I intentionally got in their way to confront them and the lead person bounces off me and breaks apart into pixel like pieces, but the image just shakes it off as if nothing happened and returns to its previous act of marching down the street like nothing happened at all.  I then realize that this is all a holographic projection, and of course that it is not real.  I remember about Project Blue Beam and begin telling everyone that it’s not real!  Don’t believe it.  It is a ploy to convince people that something is actually happening and that eventually they will project the image of Christ, or Alla, or whatever god people worship and then slowly merge it into one image and people will be convinced that the Second Coming is here.  I tell everyone in my dream, I even attempt to get on the phone to call friends, but the face of the phone had been destroyed and would not work.  That tells me that they will shut down any communications between people so that we cannot relay different accounts of what we see in the sky. This dream feels like the events are in the immediate future, or almost right now.  DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SEEING!  IT IS A TRICK.  This is the second dream I've ever posted here and both dreams have been about Project Blue Beam.
Vettman, thanks for the dream. I also had a bluebeam/projection type dream, but it wasn't very recent. Back on March 23, 2015, and Jesus didn't show up. Rather, it was a couple of gorillas. Go figure! Smile
(06-07-2015, 07:44 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Vettman, thanks for the dream. I also had a bluebeam/projection type dream, but it wasn't very recent. Back on March 23, 2015, and Jesus didn't show up. Rather, it was a couple of gorillas. Go figure! Smile

This is only the second dream I have uploaded to the dream center. My previous dream in 2010 as also about Project Blue Beam, in fact that is the title. Here it is:


Project Blue Beam:

This dream started out with everyone talking about the multiple UFO sightings around the globe, and how some people were completely oblivious to the fact when so many people had witnessed the events. Then in a very short amount of time, images were being seen in the sky, to me it was obvious that they were holographic projections. A floating, spinning pyramid (much like as reported to have been in the sky above Moscow in the past year) in conjunction with another very large projection of a message in many different languages, much like a power point presentation. Soon thereafter, people all over the globe began to have metaphysical experiences. Then within a matter of days, what first appeared to be the Moon rising over the horizon soon turned out to be a very large sphere and upon recognition that it was not the Moon, we soon noticed that spheres were rising from all directions. The spheres were pale blue in color and had small geometric shapes such as triangles and pentagons that were grouped together and lit up. From just one side of the sphere, you could see 5-6 different groups and that would move around the surface of the sphere while changing different colors.