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Full Version: earthquakes
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I saw a seismograph that showed 3 earthquakes over 10 that occurred within seconds of each other. I was told where but I cant remember anything except they are around the world, not in one single location.

EDIT: 6/8/15 non-layered
Oh girl! I don't like hearing this at all! Maybe even eight years ago I had a dream in which I saw the US map, and over california was three large boxes. One was in the north, one central and one over southland of that state. I then, months or a year later read online where someone else had had the same dream. I can't remember if that person was a known gifted-dreamer but I wasn't and yet of course it bothered me a lot that I wasn't the only one that had had this dream.

Now, you! and I know for sure you are a gifted dreamer, but you can't know that it was that state.

Edited PS...the way USGS reports dreams. (you may already know this but gotta add it) Quakes that hit stay red on the map for one hour, and all three of these were red same time, having happened less than an hour apart. Yikes~
I had a dream once where there two or three earthquakes on the same day that were major and noteworthy one was one the outskirts of la and the other was near fukuyama japan