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Full Version: Iceberg
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In my dream I was on the top of an Iceberg surrounded by an ocean of ice and snow. All the way to the horizon there was just white cold surface.

I saw clearly a handful of people walking around the iceberg (including some family members). Every once a while someone would fall into the cold water through the crackes in the frozen surface. There was no harm done to them. They would patiently pull themselves out of the water and move on without clear purpose. Perhaps they were looking for something. I was an observer and didn't  take part in this strange activity.

Thanks for the dream, Emerald. This does have an archetypical feel to it, meaning that it might have collective level significance. Let's keep our eyes out for this in case it's not attached to Disney's latest Smile
I'm going to post this link because it's the first thing I thought of re: still's dream, hour 6, and now this -
when they vehemently deny, you know theyre lying.
I've dreamed of icebergs 3 times this year. I haven't figured out the cause or reason for them yet, but in all of the dreams, aliens were present. (lol).