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Full Version: Racing to Read Home
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Wednesday June 10, 2015
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Before 5:30 AM
No incubation

     I am riding home in an SUV or crossover with friends who include Glitter, possibly Rick, and one other person, perhaps Glitter's girlfriend. I am sitting on the passenger side in the back seat. We are listening to music on a phone or something. Our house is just a right triangle away. We are driving south along the interstate following sides A and B. Some interruption stops the vehicle. I open my door and step out briefly to grab something or do something. It should just take a second. Glitter, the driver, lurches the car forward as if to make me think for a second he is gonna leave me- except he doesn't stop. I feel abandoned by my friends. I give them the benefit of the doubt: I know they are joking and will loop around to pick me up. I walk east to the side of the highway and disappear into the lush green bushes on the side of the road. There is a field attached to a brick building, like the church in the back corner of a neighborhood. I begin to wonder if running the hypotenuse might get me home sooner than them. I cross the field. It is dusk and the sky is turning pink and orange. The journey becomes attached to my physics book. The journey home seems long and unrealistic, and in my dream this journey represents four chapters I must read in my book. I cross commercial property lines and travel across roads, fences and bush or tree lines. Finally I get to the edge of one property. The next property is a school, perhaps an elementary school. I can see the eastbound highway from here and watch for their car. I keep behind tree trunks and bushes so there is no way they could see my progress or lack thereof from here. The school is on lower ground and as I reach the edge of the property I can see there is a small drop off created by a concrete wall. I peer one more time from behind my bushes at the freeway. Many cars are traveling east, but there are no silver crossovers. I finally leap off the edge into the open and land on the school ground. I visually see chapter seven in my physics book. This is the last one I have to read to get home. I run across the school grounds and ultimately make it home before dark.

     In this dream, I travel over patches of land while processing or reading my physics book. I arrive at a school when I reach chapter 7. Ultimately I finish the race with a good feeling. In real life I woke from this dream to fly back to school. I traveled over patches of land while reading my physics book. I read up through chapter 6 before the plane lands, reaching chapter 7 right as I have to stop to drive to school. Although I didn't finish the reading in real life, I get to school with twenty minutes to spare, finishing my 'race' just in time. I take my quantum physics exam and although I did not prepare as much as I had hoped, I completed every question and felt good about what I turned in. The dream clearly described what would happen in real life. The only question is whether it was precognitive or self-fulfilling.
     Using David Gordon's mindful dreaming technique, I identified Glitter as the dream mentor. When he left me I felt abandoned, a sense of loss. I believe this relates to the end of the IASD 2015 conference, especially parting ways with a particular individual. I couldn't help it, my innate developed an attachment.
     Lastly, the primary symbol in the dream is the school. It comes to mind first and is the part of the dream I remember most clearly.
BlueDream, good to see you got your dreams back! Funny how several people I know actually stopped dreaming at the conference.

Okay, so I couldn't help but notice that you at one point got to chapter SIX.....Still's dream yesterday was discussing OUR SIX or HOUR SIX. So BlueDream, could you give me just a few topic words that might describe the content of chapter 6? It might help us figure out what Still's dream was warning about.

Nice to see you at the conference!!
Good evening,

It was wonderful to see you at the conference and finally get to meet you in person! We have both learned so much about dreams, and I know I have grown in a number of ways as well. I really leveled up with my dreamwork ability. Also from both the conference and my talks with you I feel empowered to participate around here more.

I hadn't seen still's dream, posted only two minutes after mine. When I finished typing mine I looked up to see a thunderstorm rolled in the area. I switched off my screen to enjoy the lightshow Smile

Anyways, in numerology six is the center. Six is the most sacred number, connected to the higher self. But to answer your question, chapter six in my physics book is entitled "Quantum Mechanics II". It talks about the Schrödinger wave equation, probability (expectation values), particles trapped in an infinite square well potential, particles trapped in a finite square well potential, 3D particle wells, harmonic oscillators, and quantum tunneling. All of these sections deal with probability, and where you are likely to find a particle.

The most mysterious concept to me in this chapter is zero-point energy, the lowest energy level a quantum system can possess. The zero-point energy has to be higher than the minimum state predicted by classical physics, leading to some interesting phenomena such as liquids not freezing at absolute zero or particle motion when there shouldn't be. The most interesting concept to me in this chapter is quantum tunneling, where a particle can cross a barrier when it should be impossible, or the lesser known side of the coin where a particle doesn't cross a barrier when it has more than enough energy to do so. The less mass something has the more likely it is to tunnel.

Although the book doesn't come out and say it, the entire chapter is about probability. A quantum system exists in multiple states at once (like several parallel universes) until conciousness is applied. Once an observation is made, the probability wave collapses and the quantum system exists in one state only (any one of the choices, a single universe). To bring it full circle, I had mentioned six is the number of the center, or higher self... related to conciousness. Simply observing a quantum system changes the result of the system.
Ah ha! Now we're getting somewhere. Our own perceptions as a humanity could very well be the bogey at our six. I know this all sounds convoluted, so maybe another night of sleep might clear this up. It's been a long day. How about we incubate some dreams here? By the way, how did you do that? I.e., How did you find a college that actually teaches concepts in Quantum Mechanics? I had to study this all on my own in my mid-30s. Good to see that youngsters get to learn this stuff earlier!
Now that I have had a minute to digest this... still's dream is drawing attention to six. My dream is drawing attention to six. I read six and it talks about how simply looking can change the result. Perhaps if still finds her six, by simply unearthing the metaphor she/we can change the outcome! What shall our incubation be? Maybe: "Tonight in my dreams I will observe the six referenced by still's dream."

I just assumed this was a normal part of this particular physics course, called Modern Physics at most schools. I do have a wonderful teacher. Today we learned about superconductors. My professor explained how electrons form Cooper pairs. The two electrons travel in parallel on either side of a row of positive nuclei. When there is a nuclei in between them, they are attracted to it and move inward. When they are between the previous nuclei and the next, the two electrons can see each other and repel. This creates a sine wave on each side of the line of positive nuclei, allowing the electrons to travel without resistance.
Sounds good. I'll give it a go, but my brain may be too fixated on the early start tomorrow morning. Definitely worth a try, though.
on it
Had a dream that I thought I would easily remember. It was a classroom setting, but in my haste to get packed and get out of here, I've forgotten......Bad boy, Eagle!
Same for me. I had a dream I thought I would remember, but by the time the alarm went off several times, it was gone. All I can think of is a false awakening where I thought it was 10:15 and I had missed my class, and an image of several gallon jugs.