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Full Version: The Man Walls Came Down
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I have to go shopping. I want/need a new outfit for everyday wear. My son wants me to go shopping with him later in the day for a new shirt from a certain store - Guess. I find myself in a mall with a bicycle and a little blonde girl comes along on her bicycle. She wants to hang around with me. We hop on our bikes and now we are outside and I see a street mall just ahead. I figure I'll just ride by the stores and if one interests me, I'll stop and shop there - but I don't have a bike lock. Oh, but the little girl is with me. She can watch my bike.

I come to a halt because in front of me is a tall corridor of men hanging/sitting. It's hard to explain two high walls of men just hanging/stacked. I say out loud, "There are no stores down this way," and turn to take the corridor with stores on one side and a wall of men on the other side. Then, the men start coming down from off the walls or maybe they were the walls. One man stops in front of me to tell me that they were told to do this, meaning they were told to form the human walls, as if he felt he had to explain their strange behavior.

6/12/15 - soccer ufos stars practicing gloves rainbow forgotten lift flying shoot transition fictional request gab impossible sweet folks watched sent sea task tree jeans been meet weight close haunted gravity climb far powers doing basic classroom current complete second dream perhaps

It was interesting to note what the men were wearing. There were men in shirts and jeans, athletic outfits and military pants and muscle shirts. The man who talked to me was wearing military pants, a white muscle shirt and a dog tag.
The man that talked to me looked like Abraham from The Walking Dead. Abraham is a former army sergeant, sports coach, and happily married father of two before the apocalypse.

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Maybe this goes along with our BIZARRE MILITARY in today's run: