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Full Version: June 16, 2015 Dream
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In my dream it felt like the near future. My brother and I were speaking with a group of people about the raid he my dad and I went on last winter. The raid was on a food storage facility that the government was in control of and my family, and that of the other people who raiding, were going hungry. My brother tells the group that we were telling the story too about how things got heated with the raiders and the government personnel hoarding food at the facility, and how some shots were fired, but luckily my brother, dad and I didn't need to use our weapons. Then I was on a school bus full of people of all ages, and there were more government personnel and people like the ones on the bus that started a firefight with pistols to the right of the bus. I saw almost all of the 15 or so people involved get hit, several of them dying. Then the people on the bus and I noticed that one of the government personnel that got shot was only a teenage boy, and that a young girl had died next to the bus. We were horrified, and I started breaking down. The government people surrendered as the bus started driving away, and I was horrified once more when we passed a playground were children and adults were massacred. Shortly after I started telling people who weren't there that it was the worse thing I ever saw.
Thanks for the dream, nst. Listen, I was wondering if I could have permission to change the title of your dream to something like "The bus massacre" or something about the government hoarding food. I don't like the dream, but I do appreciate you documenting it here!