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Full Version: Jesus 2nd Coming Dream
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We are catholics and our helper is a hindu but he believes in all Gods, strangely he told me recently after the Nepal earthquakes he had this dream of Jesus walking in the waters &  all are running away he said the dream was pretty scary as though it had caused a tsunami or something and the sea was very rough.

I too get a premonition of things if a place is not meant to be we were in the US last year and the weather was getting bad we decided to come back to India , I dont know i had this feeling weather will get worse and prayed for our safe return after that the weather was a mess, thankfully we were saved by Gods grace, i some how knew we will be going back to India had an intuition and prayed over it.

I too have a premonition of Jesus 2nd coming as though these are all signs as written in Revelation & people are not repenting. 

This Jesus 2nd coming though looks like the end is surely near I was taken aback when a hindu boy is telling me this and he too gets dreams he was sharing this one with me.

No one knows the hour and the time as mentioned in the bible we have to keep praying for salvation of our souls.
Welcome Matilda. I absolutely love the fact that we can willingly bring different religions together under one roof for the purpose of helping humanity. You have probably seen the other 2nd coming dreams of late. Many would agree that we are in "end times" as it were.

We are glad you found us!
Hello Matilda - Thank you for your post. Below is a vision I had recently and thought you might want to see it. In the vision I also saw the Angels with staff's. Those are the ones that can manipulate the weather.

One other thought I just had. How do people know Jesus without ever having met him? We know him because it is encoded in our DNA.