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I found myself in a wooded hill overlooking a wooded,tree/bushes facing an ocean/sea beach which was only a partial portion of a beach blocked on both ends by some unseen, unknown, vague feeling of clutter. I proceeded down to beach seeking a path upwards and saw several "morose" beach bathers walking up a sandy steep path back up to the top. I followed the beach goers and suddenly found myself in a magnificent cavern with granite boulders as a result of internal cave construction with no machinery or equipment visible, just a vast chamber of granite archways holding up the granite ceiling which was very high up. I remain confused. Workingmen  stared at me as if they were asking "where did you come from?''  At that point I woke up.
Year's ago, I had the dream of the "blocked off" beach. I didn't leave the beach, I just watched everyone on it, and tried to find the "edges" but kept getting sidetracked, going into the water, getting something to eat, etc. When I finally did come to the side of the beach, it was a giant bulkhead. It must have been 10 stories high. There was no way of getting around it.
Almost sounds like Atlantis. I love those exploration dreams. And it does seem that beach is a recent meme nowadays.