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Full Version: forced inoculation
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I am attending a mandatory meeting for healthcare professionals on how to deal with epidemics. It is a follow-up to last years’ meeting. When we arrive, we find ourselves in a big auditorium with 500 cots with blankets, as an evacuation center would be set up. We are told that we are going to be expected to stay here overnight. We have the freedom of using our cell phones to tell our offices or loved ones that we won’t return today. We are advised that if we leave the premises, our healthcare licenses will be revoked immediately. There are no armed guards at the doors, just suited men with name tags.

They are giving us the tools for a small pox like vaccination. We can give it to ourselves or have a fellow practitioner do it. There are stations for the inoculations, with cameras in the ceiling watching us. Some of us wonder why we are doing this again. Weren’t we suppose to do this last year, when we were allowed to take the vaccine home and give it to ourselves on a day off, or a day with a small schedule? Some of us, who had done the inoculation last year, in a way of protest, made a half effort to re-inoculate ourselves. There was no response from the eyes in the sky to our protest.

We each had a bed assigned to us. If we felt weak or tired, we were to use our assigned bed to lie down. Otherwise, we were allowed to roam around the inside of the facility. They had buffets with excellent food. We could use our phones to watch videos or browse the web. Those who smoked would walk out one of the exits and smoke within 10 feet of the door. Others stood outside to catch fresh air, talking to the suited monitors. No one was allowed to go beyond the 10 feet without the threat of losing one’s license. However, no other force was being applied.

After awhile, I felt tired. I took a nap on my cot. After a half hour, I woke up refreshed. Others slept for up to 4 hours. I wondered how strong that inoculation was since I found myself tired even with my half effort of applying the inoculation properly.

As dusk approached, the event monitors seemed happy. No one had gotten sick. The worst was a 4 hour nap; that meant that all of us had followed the instructions last year and had done the self-inoculation. We all were allowed to go home at 9 p.m. instead of staying the night because of the excellent results.
I just posted this on another thread. After reading your post I thought I should post here also.
On Sunday, 6/21/15, throughout my day the word "pneumococcal" kept popping into my head. It sounded like a parrot saying it twice, pneumococcal, pneumococcal. And sometimes three times in a row. This happened about 8 times through the day. I have been thinking about this since Sunday and have no idea why this word was popping into my head. This is NOT the norm for me.
I am not a healthcare professional nor am I sick or know anyone who is sick.
Thank you, both of you! Honestly, I haven't been paying attention to sickness/disease in the bot runs, so if you don't mind, make sure I'm not missing an important overlap. When lingo overlaps with dreams....look out! Regardless, looks like we do have a premonition overlap here between dreamers.
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Well I did look up "pneumococcal" and what came up is vaccines for adult pneumonia... or pneumococcal pneumonia.
So I would think that is what they are trying to cause. The ones getting the virus are either carriers or they are the ones that get sick first and then spread it to the others. Then they will be made to get others to take it as well. They always start with making the medical workers to take things first as well. I wonder what harmful things will be in this vaccine. Sounds like a warning of what is to come in the very near future.
Interesting that today, California now makes injections mandatory, which can easily extend to healthcare professionals and the general public with a health department order. Nurses who refuse influenza shots are already being forced out of hospitals and some clinics.
I had a very similar dream months ago that I posted here (although I'm unable to find it); forced innoculations sickened people and led to death for many.
I find both the dream and comments...interesting
Given the novel corona virus 2019 in China, now...2020