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Full Version: It started in Georgia
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In the spring of 2015 i had a worrisome dream of future happenings..Here is how it went down.
i appeared to be floating above a 4 lane intersection close to the center of Georgia in the summe time everything is green and in bloom... In my dream there was alot of traffic going all ways. Then from my vantage point above i see an firetruck approaching the intersection heading east with lights and sirens going and behind the wheel was a white man who seemed to be about 30 years old.Then i looked over to my right and saw  Heading north on the opposing road was a Suv and inside the Suv was a Black woman who seemed to be about 30 years old and a young girls who seems to be about 9 years old. As soon as i made notice of the Suv passengers, the Fire truck slams into the drivers side of the Suv. I  then i move upwords in the air a bit further . I see backed up traffic on all 4 roads leading to this intersection. I see people jumping out of their vehicles and rushing to the accident scene. Then i see the man driving the fire truck get out of the wrecked fire truck and begin to walk toward the Suv. There was some blood on the left front corner of his forehead and he was staggering a bit as he approached the front of the Suv. Then i see a group of Black men and women start running toward the fireman screaming look that fool is drunk and look what he did... I watch as this crowd of people beat this man to death there in the road... And in my mind im thinking this man is not drunk he is injured.. Then i am taken up higher in the sky and i see a grid of surrounding neighborhoods and different groups of people. Some were all black, some all white, some were gathered at churches, some were bikers, some looked like farmers etc.. Then i saw all these groups begin fighting and shooting and killing each other,,,then i am  raised up even higher and i see the full United states and grids and there were people in groups all over the nation gathered and killing each other.. Then i am taken even higher and i see that this same thing is happening all over the planet.. Then as though in fast motion i see time begin to speed by and seasons are changing.. And several winters and summers go by- maybe 2 years.. Ten it is night fall and all over the planet it is dark.. No lights from homes, no lights from cities etc. i begin to understand that there are no people left living anywhere... Then i am whisked up to the north pole and am looking down on the planet, And i see some camp fires all laid out on the snow and ice.. And i see indigenous people all dressed in furs and Clothes like Eskimos .. There were men woman and children all around these fires dancing and singing and celebrating... And in my dream i came to realize that these peoples were all that were left of our grand societies and people... That these were the ones who will re populate the planet and start over... This has been a very disturbing dream that stays with me... Not a day goes by that it is not on my mind... I dont know what it means and any help understanding this is appreciated... Blessings all
Thanks for sharing your dream Gloria. I honestly don't know what your dream means. I do know that many people are dreaming dreams that involved earth changes or end of life as we know it. Maybe someone on this board who is better at finding meaning in dreams can help you.