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Full Version: meteor hit
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Last night I dreamed that a small meteorite hit the ground in our side yard, about 20 feet from the house, during the day.  Then the scene changed and we  were sitting in the basement, protecting our heads and pea sized stones were raining down from the sky.  I did not feel fear, but this was a strange dream.  that is all that I remember. -Kathy
Kathy, as I read your dream here I had the immediate thought of "this is very timely." I then went to read our owner, Eagle1's thread about July 4th that invites folks to wish/ask to dream about what will be the biggest headline this July4th, give or take a couple of days if I'm not mistakened.

As I read that post of his, this dream of yours came to mind as part of his July 4th experiment.

Here's the link where he announces this Intention.

I hope you will consider being part of this. No pressure! Just a sincere invitation.