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Full Version: 6-30-15 Bookstore/Library/ Muesum/ Cafe
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6/30/15 Bookstore/Library/ Cafe

I did not really think anything about this dream I had on on June 30th until I saw "bookstore" in the botrun today.

I was at a small cottage like coffeehouse which had a lot of wooden shelves, beams and walls. It had a very earthy feeling.  It felt like it was someplace I liked to go for "quite me time" but I hadn't been there recently.  In the cafe was a small bookstore.  Either the cafe or bookstore part were going to be closed soon and I was sad.  When I was thinking about the closure, the owner asked if I would like to see the new addition.  New Addition?  ok, perhaps it was only closing for a remodel, I wasn't sure.
She opened the door in the back, and there was an additional room, very modern.  Metal and glass, plastered walls, a light color, lots of high windows bringing in light.  There were many decorative metal shelves filled with books.  It was a long rectangular room, high ceilings and quite clean and bright.  It was longer than a basketball gym, but not as wide. It reminded me of an ultra modern library at first.  Next I was attending a cocktail reception in this building, a pre-openning of sorts and we all were dressed nicely.  There were now some paintings on the walls as well as maybe a few flat screen monitors where pictures would also hang with different images.  The bookstore/library seemed more of a new museum now and I was studying  it as if it were a museum.
Sort of has a similar feel as the Alaska Library / Library of the World / Akashic Records dream from Esholars:
You know, this article speaks to much of what my dream was showing me, even the museum part. As libraries are reinventing themselves, they are putting historical documents on display.