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Full Version: Looking for a job at Wendy's
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Intention: I have no intention, I just want to remember a dream.

I suppose I've been busy lately, so while I've slept well, I haven't remembered any dreams, whether there was an intention or not. Which isn't to say I've had no dreams, I just haven't been remembering any of them. This was an exception.

In my dream, I feel that I am late to work. I am wearing a Wendy's uniform. I have walked to the mall where the Wendy's is, but for some reason I am lost, I can't find it.

I have wandered into a department store. I am thinking that I need to get to the restaurant, its somewhere in the department store. The time is pre-Christmas, they are doing holiday sales. I pass by someplace in the store where the have an internet based video conferencing setup. You can stop in and talk with other shoppers that are in another store. My eyes are rolling back in my head, as I make it a point to get away from the place, I am thinking that its pretty pathetic to want to talk with other holiday shoppers you don't even know.

I now realize that the Wendy's is not in this department store. I look over, and "Sear's" is on the wall, its a two story wall like they removed the upper level. This really bugs me, because now I know I am late for my shift. I exit the building.

The Wendy's is now in front of me. It looks like its really busy, so I'm thinking I'm going to get an earfull. I step up, open the door and walk in.

The inside is extravagant, and there aren't actually very many people in the place. On the wall to my left is a long serving counter with bar stools. The whole of the inside is glossy hardwood; the bar is also covered with hardwood. Very fancy. There are only a few patrons, and there is no hustle and bustle going on.

Behind the "bar" is the assistant manager, who is George Clooney. I now explain to George Clooney that I would like to get a position at Wendy's - even though I am currently wearing a Wendy's uniform, I apparently am not working for Wendy's at the present time. I have multiple contracts, but things are not necessarily good at any either of the companies I am contracting with presently, so I want to be sure I have some sort of a backup position because when I up and quit my job a few years ago, it was uncomfortable to be out of work and just looking to get something. I look out the window trying to remember who I have contracts with. One I can't remember, but the other has an office in the same strip mall that has the Wendy's in it. I tell him I'm working with George Clooney goes over to get the actual manager so we can discuss further if she has a need to hire anybody right now.


Background: One of my earliest jobs was in fact at a Wendy's (I will have to call my position that of an engineer of burger flipping)

I did in fact up and quit a high paying job because the management was so pathetic, and wound up living off of savings until I got into a couple of contracting positions, although I have since gone to being full time; I recently interviewed another person at the company I am now working at who did the same thing.

I looked up "supe", it is a supernumary or extra person or thing among other definitions. Something I am not in my current place of employment.

IF this is a future looking dream, it would be indicating that there may be a lot of extra workers looking for unskilled job positions coming up on this holiday season. Since I had no real intentions, it may just be a jumble of a lot of things that I've seen in the news, but that doesn't mean my subconscious isn't putting 2+2 together.

The last dream I actually remembered before this had an intention of "is Jade Helm being run by a computer". I had fallen into a twilight sleep, at which point I felt like something jumped on the bed behind me and then jumped on me; the landing felt like about a 50 pound big thing. I was talking to complain at my cat Mayhem for waking me up like that, but then realized I was still asleep at which point I actually woke up (roughly two weeks ago). I figured that was apparently not a subject that I was supposed to get involved with, but at the same time that kind of gave me a form of confirmation. Had me wondering for a bit about the idea of whether a computer AI would be like the stories about somebody who comes back from the dead - is it an open intelligence without a soul, waiting to be possessed by a demonic soul? And running Jade Helm on top of it?
Chuckled at your cat's name. Our son took in a rescue kitten and named it Havoc, which has turned out to be an apt name for such a busy little guy.
George Clooney working at Wendy's. Yes, the economy must be, well, dead.