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Full Version: Project Independence day
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Sound Resonance
Intent: headline for week of July 1 - 10, 2015 (I have a vested interest in this week span)
Mood: calm
I am walking out of a destroyed brick house in my night gown with an oxygen mask on my face.
The house is a pile of rubble, not a single part is still whole. Dust is everywhere and I cannot see beyond my hand. I am unharmed.
I am wearing a white night gown (my favorite one) and an oxygen mask (I use one for sleep problems).
I see no fires, no storms, and no wrecking equipment. I heard no blast or explosions.
I ask the “atmospheric continuum” (my words for the universe) “WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED?”
I hear a voice say, “SOUND RESONANCE!”

My normal hours of sleep are between 2 AM and 11 AM, so I think this might be the hours of destruction. Because of all the dust in the air I could not determine where I was. Due to being in the Jade Helm area and I do know that they have a weapon that could do this, I am not sure they don’t cause this; or it could be a “natural” cause.