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Full Version: "Transfers" 7.17.15
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I'm in my apartment trying to sleep. Things seem as they are in reality the current moment - I am sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, Husband is on the couch. I had a medical procedure done a few days prior. But it is grey/stormy outside. The storm makes it hard to sleep. I am thinking of the third roommate that left not long ago, and that we still have one roommate upstairs sleeping. I am woken up by loud knocking on the front door, it seems to be daytime now but it is still very cloudy and grey out. 

I answer the front door, my porch/front door is now atop a very long staircase. Apparently something happened in our backyard with the water pipes, things are broken, the man is some kind of plumber or firefighter explaining that they need to look at our pipes, and they will be doing work in the backyard. I consent to whatever they need to do to get the job done. Then through the living room window he pulls pipes from inside the house to the outside, and then pushes them back under the carpet and thanks me for our time. 

Roommate comes downstairs and asks what is going on, why is it so noisy. I explain the issues with the pipes, and she asks why am I not sleeping in my bedroom. I explain that I had surgery, and that it is safer for me to sleep on the ground floor for now. She understands and we get to talking, and getting to know each other, my Husband joining in the conversation as well. We are having a very good time, I do something close to the front door, and my Landlord starts yelling from outside. 

Open the front door, and he's at the bottom of the stairs, he tells me that whatever I did affected the water pipes in the backyard. There is a small group of people moving towards the house, asking what is happening. He explains that I made a mistake, it's not a big deal, and mentions that Husband and I are "Transfers" and we didn't know any better. Somehow this seems to spook everyone. I don't understand what they are talking about, Husband doesn't either. Our Roommate seems to get quiet, tries to lightly explain it's because we moved in from another state. 

Some sort of investigation seems to start. This older Hispanic woman volunteers to investigate the apartment, and she begins to slowly walk around looking at everything. I recognize her as a neighbor from down the street, but she had always ignored us since we moved in. She questions me, "Where is your dog?" I tell her we don't have one, but my memory shows we had a small white dog when we initially moved in, but we thought nobody found out. She questions again about the dog, and I explain again that no dog exists here. She seems miffed because she can not seem to find it or any evidence of the dog to hold against us. After some time, my Husband and I are then put into cuffs behind our backs and wrapped in plastic/saran wrap around our torsos. I'm getting worried, scared, feeling humiliated. 

We are escorted out our front door, and down the sidewalk going towards the Town Hall for continued questioning. I notice that my plastic wrap has a loose piece, but I still am unable to go anywhere or escape, because everyone is watching us walk and all I can really do is look down at the concrete sidewalk and watch my step. Last I remember is being seated and being asked questions.