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Full Version: A heavenly choir and #153
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19 July 2015
No intention set

Two separate dreams:

1)Being led into a cave by a woman I don't know. The cave is a huge open space. It's dark, but I'm still able to see, like in a theater. The walls sparkle and glitter. I hear running water in the distance and the sound of a group of people singing, though i can't make out the words. I comment that the heavenly choir bit is a tad much. The woman says, As you wish. The singing stops. I look around a suddenly the cave is gone and I'm in a huge darkened auditorium. The heavenly choir is an actual choir, complete with robes and music folders. The singers begin taking off the robes and putting their music away, packing up to leave. Um, I say, embarrassed, I didn't realize there was a real choir. Y'all don't have to go. The singers laugh and assure me that it's okay, no offense is taken. I look around the auditorium. The sparkling walls are actually walls covered with tiny lights. I don't see the woman now. I stand there for a bit, then say, Okay, I'm here. Why?

2) I'm living in a place where there are lots of trees and the land is green but the area butts up to a mountainous desert area that reminds me of west Tx, out near the Big Bend area. It's very isolated. I'm keeping a low profile for some reason so I don't know many people. One day, I'm in town, picking up some groceries, and I see my friend whom I'll call "S". We're surprised to see each other. I ask what she's doing here. She tells me she's making a delivery but she's having a hard time getting a lock on where she needs to go. She made it as far as the town but now she's drawing a total blank beyond knowing she needs to take the delivery to #153. I sigh and tell her I have a pretty good idea where she needs to go and I'll take her there. She says to just give her directions and she'll find it. No, I tell her, it involves sneaking across guarded private property.

I drive us out to the edge of the desert area in my old Jeep. We get out and load up with our backpacks. I tell her we have to hike in from here. We follow a deer trail for a bit until we come to a chain link fence with razor wire on the top. There's an opening in the fence, however. Through here, I tell her. No talking from now on so follow my lead. We sneak across an open space to a building that reminds me of an elementary school but without windows. There's an access door. It opens easily and there's no alarm. We slip into the building and enter a brightly lit corridor with tile floors and beige walls. We creep along, hugging the walls until we reach the end. We turn a corner and now we're in an area where there are people working at desks. There's talking, phones ringing, basically the hum of business activity. I motion for S to hunker down. We low crawl along the wall, out of sight of the people, until we reach a stair case. We hear people coming down the stairs and dive into the shadows beneath the staircase. We squeeze up against the bottom of the stairs. A man and woman come down the stairs. They're talking but we can't make out what they're saying. They reach the bottom of the stairs, turn, and pass by without seeing us. I wait until their voices fade, then signal to go. S follows me and we hustle down another corridor, out another access door, and end up outside on the other side of the building. I pick up the pace and we move quickly down another trail until we reach an opening in the rocks. In there, I say. A cave? she asks. No, I say, an old mine. This area is rife with old mines that are now being used as storage facilities. This is #153. Be careful because there may be guards in there. She nods and says, You don't have to wait. I'm not coming out this way. I say, I know. Good luck. She enters the opening. I don't wait, I immediately begin hiking back but taking a different path, one that avoids the building but is much longer.


I talked with S yesterday and asked her what she was doing in dreamtime. She said she was on the move, escaping from pursuit, and at one point she was traveling through underground bunkers to lose her pursuer. She said she didn't see me but had no idea how she got to those underground passages.

A real sense of a government buildling but it wasn't on a base. It was out of sight for the most part, hidden among the hills. Also that the mines in the area had been shored up and were now being used for mostly storage but also for other functions.

153 adds up to 9, which in numerology indicates the end of a cycle. The number seems significant in another way but I don't know what that would be.

One thing that stood out to me was the indication that S has her path and I have mine. We've worked together a lot over the past few years but we've both gotten the message that our callings and our responsibilities will take us down separate paths. This felt like a confirmation of that message, with the added message that our paths will still cross and we may work briefly together, but we're still on separate paths now.

Honestly, I have no idea if there's any significance to the first dream or if it was just one of those generalized weird dreams we all have now and then. What did strike me was the fact both dreams referenced underground spaces.
Wow! What an interesting dream DLP. Again, thank you for sharing. I love reading your dreams.