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Full Version: Fun Movie Dream, 7/22/2015, before 6:45 am
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Start of Dream: I find myself once again in London. I think, why am I going to London so much? I get out of a cab and am in what looks like a market place that used to be part of an old garrison. A woman met me and is showing me around. She said that way (pointing to the right) is the security office. I said, “Yes I know, that is where they gave me the glasses”. I had eye glasses in my hand. The woman asked if I knew what they were for. I said “yes, they said these glasses do all sorts of things, including being able to see at night and they glow in the dark with green color around the rim so you can see which way to go”. She smiled and said I see you have already been instructed.

She then gave me a ticket and said I needed to go. The next thing I remember, I am in a cab. The car pulls up to what I can only describe as a one story old motel. The surrounding area looks tropical. I get out of the car and a man that looks like the actor Harrison Ford, walks up to the car. He looked upset and asked, why did they send you? I ask him if I should go back where I came from? Another man walks up and says “No, they are here and everything will be ok”. Harrison Ford is not happy.

Two more cabs pull up and Collin Firth gets out of one and Sandra Bullock gets out of the other. At this point Harrison Ford is livid and is walking toward the building shaking his head. The other man I cannot describe, tells us to go get ready for dinner. So Collin, Sandra and I start walking toward the left. In the middle of the building is an open air walkway. I put my glasses on so I can see the walkway because the glasses help you to see at night. Collin turns around and has his glasses on also. He says “oh good, I see you have the glasses too”. We both laugh and are having a good time with this.

We walk toward an open doorway and go into a room to our left. It was a 3 bedroom apartment. We each took a room and went put away our things, then met in the living room. Sandra was making me laugh because she was wearing very high heel shoes. I asked her if she knew we were in a village in the tropics. She said “well, we are going to dinner”. Collin and I looked at each other and laughed. We thought it was funny that she is acting like she is in a City. Her feelings were hurt so we had to compliment her on something else to keep her happy.

I sat down on a chair in the living room while we waited for Sandra to finish getting ready so we could go out to dinner. One the right of the chair was an odd looking clam shell lamp on a table. It was open and the pearl is the light. When I waved my hand in front of it, the clam shell slowly closed. I looked at Collin and made a comment, “I am not surprised to see this here”. We both smiled about the Clam Shell Lamp. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: This was a fun dream because I never dream about actors. I have, however, sometimes felt like I have dreamed of movies that have not yet been released. I guess this is the Universe’s way of helping to lighten the mood of my dream time. Cool