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Full Version: Blue crystal meth
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I was going inside a room which then appeared to be a bathroom…odd, as it had chairs but I am sure I saw stalls and the room was small and crowded. There were people there- 1 adult woman that I guess was like a teacher, she slept throughout most of the “class.” There were also around 5 guys sitting near where i was sitting, and I noticed these were the bad student types. On the left side in front of me, I noticed what I thought was blue-dyed weed,  I was then given the product to look at it, and I noticed it was crystals. I heard something being told about how it’s similar to a weed high but more chemicals which made it more intense,something about tar. I said I was fine with weed and it was good enough, I had no interest in the blue crystals. 
[Image: tumblr_inline_nrwhwrq2ud1r9w8dy_500.jpg]
 A photo or normal, clear meth.

Upon waking up, I looked up blue crystals. One result was blue crystal meth. I then looked up blue crystal meth and noticed a ton of reference to “Breaking Bad” - a show I never have watched. I have heard of the show and saw trailers but I don’t bother watching it. I do not do drugs, so I don’t know why I had a dream about blue crystal meth. 
If you are empathic, maybe you are picking up on someone using.
(07-22-2015, 02:40 PM)Julie Wrote: [ -> ]If you are empathic, maybe you are picking up on someone using.

Interesting thought, Julie. 

I forgot to note that last night my roommate and I were talking about a friend's drug use in the entire family of hers, but I don't know if the word meth popped up- it probably did, but what I do know is that BLUE meth was something that stood out because I have never mentioned that nor thought about it. I did not know blue-dyed  meth was real. 

If I find out someone, friend or family, is using meth...which most likely are not, I will definitely update this thread. Interesting reply of yours has me thinking about how to train empath intuition.