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Full Version: Telemarketing Phone Call and The Grey Wave
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I was myself and living in the actual house I was raised in in S. California. The house is on the top of a hill in the Santa Monica mountains. There were 6 of us in the home (not my real family).
It was early evening with about an hour left of sunlight in the day. I was downstairs in the kitchen/ family room when the phone rang. It was a young male telemarketer. (normally I would politely stop them and hang up). For some reason I let him say his entire 30 second speech and then said no thank you. He actually thanked me for listening and said I was the first person all day that actually listened to him. I asked him if all his calls today were made to Arizona today because the weather was horrible and people probably were impacted by the weather. He asked if I could stay on the line just so his supervisor could listen in on the conversation for a moment. I wasn’t too annoyed (oddly) because I could tell he was actually a nice young kid and was just starting out and I knew my taking just a minute longer would help him look good in the eyes of his supervisor. Once the supervisor was on the phone, I looked outside the family room window and saw a HUGE wave approaching from the sky above and said “I’ve got to go !” and hung up the phone. The wave hit the home from the top and crashed over the house. I saw from the windows that my side of the house was covered by water. The window was like the glass that is at Sea World where you are below the marine attraction looking at what the dolphins and sea lions are doing underwater. The wave water was grey and covering the entire window. Soon, the room I was in was filling up with water. I swam toward the next room, the living room, as the water was nearly a foot from the ceiling. I held my breath, dove into the water and came up into the next room which was now beginning to fill with water. I looked out of another window and saw through it that the window was also completely covered in water. As this room was quickly filling, I was concerned for my family members in the house, one was with me in the living room and I told her we needed to get upstairs. We swam and dove under the water and broke through on the second level and gasped for air. The water had not reached the second floor yet and it was dry. Looking through the second floor window, I saw the waterline was only slightly covering the bottom of the window outside. 2 of my family members were in this room. I did not know where the others were but knew we had more rooms to look through upstairs.

Note: It did not feel like summer to me, perhaps fall or spring but it was hard to tell. It wasn’t very warm,. The house was the house I lived in growing up in S. California, but I knew the telemarketer had called me in Arizona where I live currently. The water was grey. It had been very windy outside before hand. The wave was maybe 2 stories taller than the house. The house is about 1,000 feet elevation above the ocean and about 17 miles from shore. I was thinking very clearly and thinking logically. In real life, I grew up body surfing and in the dream I was timing my diving through the rooms for the best use of air and chances to get to where I was trying to go.