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Full Version: Void Glowing, escape into the drought, 7/22/2015 1pm MST or so
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This dream was had after reading today's Dreambot run and incubating for Void Glowing. I was with about a half dozen people in what seemed to be after the Collapse. The first scene was a country store that used to be a gas station. There was no gas and hadn't been for awhile. Because I'm not supposed to eat gluten I was looking for something to eat I wouldn't get sick from. I found on a shelf what looked like one of those premade pie shells, except it appeared to be made out of dried beef/meat jerky. There was only one there and I had no money, and it was 14$, for one shell! My dad was there and able to pay for the one. As I took it up to the counter and flipped it over to look at the ingredients, the price tag changed from 14 to 10$ so we only paid 10 as that's the tag the clerk saw. The other interesting thing about the package was that the ingredients had only grains listed, but they were grains that don't currently exist on this planet. But the pie shell didn't look made out of grains, it smelled and looked as if made of meat. I asked the clerk if he could order in a whole box of these and I'd guarantee to buy them all.

I went outside and the scene changed, same desert mesa landscape but this time there was an awareness of deadly "zombies" around. These zombies weren't the dead kind it seemed, but my group was ready for them. We were in a walled town with a plan to leave there shortly. I was making a list on a window of items we needed with markers with glowing ink. When we were ready to leave we had a cardboard box with something really important within that had been retrieved from the zombie town. We put it in our vehicle and began to leave. It was hot and dusty and half dark out eventhough it was afternoon. We got surprised by the zombies who had blockaded the exit to town. We stepped on the gas and rammed their vehicles out of the way and left with our box which was glowing itself then. The box felt a bit like a TV at that point except it wasn't a TV.

There the dream ended.
Thank you, Shadewolf. Smile

It's like reading an account of the fabled zombie apocalypse