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Full Version: Large triangular black object crashes into complex in a city
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Dream 2015-26 July

Daytime. I was at a very large corporate complex, or 'campus', where I worked as a designer. The complex was built mostly of brick with concrete detailing, and columns inside, featuring contemporary design, with large open spaces and tall, wide floor to ceiling glass windows in some areas. The buildings in my dream were similar in design to architect Louis Kahn, with extensive green spaces, parks, gardens with walking or biking paths. Nearby were a daycare center, hospital, support buildings. Beyond was the city. Not sure where this took place. At times I thought this was San Francisco, but other times, another city. Our building housed the designers, corporate people, administrators, etc, and was the main building for the complex. There was a huge hangar attached on one side, also with floor to ceiling windows in sections. I was walking through a tall, wide atrium. I had just passed a man, one of the corporate architects, going in the opposite direction. To my right was the hangar I mentioned, large enough to fit several L1011s. In the section of the hangar, across from where I was standing, I could see where the roof was cut back, like a Zuni shape. Suddenly I was doubled over by a horrible feeling, that something was terribly wrong. Then I heard roaring, like you hear when fighter jets are near. My first reaction was to think we were under attack. I looked up, and there were several flying objects approaching, but they were nothing from our standard fleets. Similar to the delta wings, also black in color, but much larger and more bulbous. First one, then another came across the area where I was standing, very close, then veering off in opposing directions. I couldn't see them when they were directly above, because of the roof, but because of the large, high windows, I could see much of their trajectories. Then an extremely large object approached, as large as several football fields. This one seemed to be losing altitude, or coming in for a landing. It clipped the edge of the roof I just described, then lost control and started crashing into one end of the building as it ricocheted off other objects in the area. I wasn't sure exactly where it hit, but the damage was widespread, covering several city blocks, including the area I had just come from, housing my coworkers. I don't know why but my first thought was to head for the daycare center, to check on the children. So I ran in that direction, but came to another building which had been obliterated to the point of nothing left at all. I understood this had been a row of shops and businesses, including a restaurant. I started running back to where the daycare actually was. There were a series of footbridges linking the areas I've been describing. On one of these bridges, I met up with a friend, who was going the opposite way, and felt a deep sadness, as we had a mutual friend who we learned had died in the crash. She told me our friendship was over, because our mutual friend was dead. She had harsh word for me, and I was shocked, but then thought after the dream it was just grief talk. I then said a few words back which I did not really mean.

The dream then gets a little hazy, but I remember finding myself inside a very large television studio, where they were preparing to go live with a report. I then saw an airplane had landed, and many people were bring carried out in bags, with names written on them. The names were of prominent people in broadcasting but also other mainstream media names. They were handwritten with a gold cursive, on the bags, which looked like they came from a dry cleaner because they were clear plastic with hangers at the top. Yes that's weird. Then I woke up.

This was a very vivid dream, with deep emotional impact. The feeling that something was terribly wrong, as if the whole universe was collapsing in on itself, was very acute, but lasted only a few seconds.
chromalyn, have you Googled 'black triangular planes'?
Thank you. I finally did (just now) type that phrase into Google. Based on information gathered over several years, and from a variety of sources, my impression is that we definitely have dark projects involving flying black triangles, as well as the Delta series, some of which might still be on the shady side of Congressional oversight. I suppose I should say I don't have the clearance to comment on that LOL, but I clearly remember the Phoenix Lights coverage, denial and later admissions. Imagine something that huge hanging over your house, neighborhood, valley...making no sound whatsoever.

I wish to revise a detail of the dream. I think some static crept into my reporting regarding the size of the last ship. My thoughts have settled more around the size being significantly smaller than 'several football fields'. I don't think that's after the fact interpretation, but my sense of size was distorted by the emotional impact of the dream itself. But for whatever reason I wrote it out like that, so I don't wish to change it. Only to add this as a comment.

Sorry for all the revisits. I'm now thinking, if there is a BB plane to fit this image in my mind, the rumors surrounding the TAW-50, an antigravity-assisted aerial 'platform', some of the artist renderings are close to what I saw in my dream. But sadly, because we are not yet at the point of acknowledement or Disclosure, these tend to vary.

Antigravity is a distortion in space-time. Perhaps that universe collasing feeling is what a body feels if exposed at close enough range to a gravity distortion drive? Or a metaphor from my subconscious mind trying to interpret the dreamed experienced? Just a thought...