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Full Version: Boarding up a building and star seeds....
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Two dreams last night (July 25/26, 2015) with a September intent -

I am scurrying to finish boarding up a building and something about 'star seeds'.
Boarding up a building sounds like preparing against a coming storm. People do just that to prepare for a coming Hurricane. You were doing it in a hurry, which implies there may not be much time to prepare for this coming storm... that is if the dream is literal and foretelling of real events to come.

Star seeds are believed to be people who originated from another world, dimension, or planet. Perhaps we will soon have visitors from other worlds and dimensions showing up soon. That would be quite the fascinating event, if it comes about.

Interesting dream Sherriann. Thanks. Smile
I agree with Orion, with the addition that we are (yet again) running out of time according to this dream.