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Full Version: Basic Training
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I find myself in basic training. I’m too old to be in the army, yet here I was. For some reason, I signed up just to see if I could do it. I figured I wouldn’t last a week, but who knows. So far, after three days, not a lot of army training. Rather, more emphasis of uniform and protective clothing, and eating and hydration. I was given a pack of food with instructions on when to eat what. More calories that I care to consume, so I figure if I keep hydrated, I can lose some of those 50 lbs. I need to lose before the really big hikes. Instead of a lot of physical activity, it seems more of a test on whether you can take the initiative to read instructions, versus what you can do. There is some posturing by the younger males on weaker males and the women also in training. They can’t figure out what the old man is doing here. The officers seem content in my figuring out things and going at a sure steady pace, until rumor is that I am some type of reporter on training. I tell them I’m just a grandpa seeing what he can do. I am now finishing day three, wondering if I can make it 6 days before washing out. All I need is one long hike in the hot sun and I’ll either go into atrial fib, or wash out. Is it possible I can go longer? And what the hell was I doing here in the first place?
Thanks for documenting this dream, Keswickman. I have a feeling this one will be more important than you realize. If nothing else, I'm expecting the US military to start recalling vets when the next big one comes. The economy can't just collapse without any fanfare. It'll probably commingle with another attack, false flag, or offensive war (or D: all of the above)