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Full Version: Demon of Destruction
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Dream of July 31, 2015—Demon of Destruction

I'm outside in an open space during the day, at what feels like a relatively large gathering of people. I'm talking to a man who is a close friend of mine. We've been talking for some time, when suddenly I become semi-lucid as a few yards behind him, on the edge of the pale grassy field, a giant demon appears. The beast stands on two legs like a man, deliberately seeming to pause there before attacking, as though relishing how in a moment it will begin destroying everything and everyone in its path. I suffer a sinking feeling in my heart, but I'm really not surprised to see it; in a sense, I know we should all have been expecting this confrontation, and that we have only ourselves to blame for refusing to believe it could actually happen, and not doing enough to prevent it. Now the moment of truth has arrived. I struggle for control of my body as I point, and cry out to my male companion, “Look! We have to run! Run!” I turn and flee, and my friend follows right on my heels. I know the way to a building, down a side street, and over a low yellow-blue wall, running as fast as we can, but I also know it's only a temporary refuge. In the end, there will be nowhere to run from the destruction which has already begun, and which every second draws closer and closer.

We make it to an upper floor of the building. A young girl is there, and the three of us crouch, hiding, on a landing between two rooms. As if responding to my observation, the girl, who selected this particular space in the building, tells me that the floor between rooms is traditionally decorated in a special, artistic fashion which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also serves to elevate our minds and hearts by its contemplation as we walk across it. The destruction is raging outside all around us, not loudly but we can all feel its terrible negative energy. We have to be careful to whisper, to not make a sound the demon will pick up, and hone in on. I'm glad we've reached this one safe haven, but I'm wondering what good it will do, since there is nowhere else to go now, and unless something Supernatural happens to save us, we're sitting ducks. But I have hope, and remain calm...

The next thing I know, I'm looking into a room, at a haunting, mysteriously powerful and yet also subtle, surreal sight. Beneath a large wooden table (covered as if with the remains of a sparse, rustic meal) no more than an inch or two tall, is a shining blue-and-black butterfly standing erect as a person, and holding itself so still, I wonder if it somehow died in this unnatural (for a butterfly) posture. I'm seeing it from behind, so it's beautiful wings look like a long magnificent cloak. I distinctly sense it is very much alive, and that it is deliberately holding itself motionless, suspended like this for some reason. Then horror fills me when the demon barges into the room, sees this man-butterfly, and viciously snatches it up in its claws. I leap to my feet crying, “No! No! Don't kill him! Don't kill him! I won't help you!” Somehow, I know the demon needs me, a human being, to feed its energy and power. The butterfly-man appears utterly passive and helpless, but despite his tiny frailty in comparison with the raging demon threatening him, I know he remains unharmed, and almost seems to be needing me, or waiting for me, to defend him. He is standing on the edge of some surface now, the demon before him ready to crush him, and yet not doing so...

Still in this same building, maybe the same room, I become aware that my mother is with me, and that she is smiling, and calm, and her presence is utterly soothing. And then, far, far above me, I see my maternal grandfather and grandmother looking down at us. They are observing us through a narrow opening, like a door or window, and the space they are in is brightly lit, suffused as if with sunshine. I'm so happy to see them, I think I point up at them wondering if Mami sees them, but apparently she is already aware of them watching us from their new home. She lets me know that, eventually, she will be joining them for some wine. I think how, after I run some errands, I will happily join them, and I know everything is all right, and will always be well, because nothing can destroy our love or prevent us from being together. I sense the demon still raging outside, but I'm no longer afraid of it.
Wow, Maria. Just Wow! So much imagery and emotion comes into my brain when reading this dream. The concepts of Yin needing Yang actually meet in this dream. It's one thing to have good and evil or yin and yang, but it's an entirely different thing having the two sides NEED each other. Very Jungian, very archetypical in nature. I love this. I also love the ending paragraph. The grace is in the love, the connection with that which cannot be seen. Thank you for sharing this terrifying dream, Maria.

By the way, I couldn't help but also feel another interpretation. I was thinking along the lines of something that could possibly come true in our immediate reality. What I saw was today's bot run totally animated. Maybe this wasn't a demon, per se, but a man-made close/monster/robot. That is what today's run hints at. It is important because if there is an overlap between your dream and the bot run, then we're looking at a boosted chance of something coming true along these lines. Today's run:

Lastly, when I read your account of trying to remain quiet in fear of the demon, I couldn't help remembering this super bowl commercial. I hope this levity doesn't demean your feelings about the dream, but I thought it could bring a few laughs:
Hi Elder,

My dream partners Sean and Igor both had similar dreams on the same night. I asked them to post them here, but not sure if they did; I'm still learning to navigate this site. Sean and his daughter (who also dreamed a similar dream that night) were running from an evil that was laying waste, with fire, to the world, and even though they were keeping ahead of it, they were running out of places to run. Igor was trying to protect and save people from a hostile force targeting them with explosive bombs. I need not mention that people are living such nightmare situations every day in Africa and the Middle East, where the situation remains a powder keg.

Our dreams from the other night might be explained in light of the public exposure today by the Airwars Project of just how many innocent civilians find it impossible to escape the fiery inferno of air strikes even though the coalition insists there are minimal civilian casualties.  

I just saw this on the news:

The air campaign against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has killed more than 450 civilians, according to a new report. Airwars project details ‘credible reports’ of at least 459 non-combatant deaths, including 100 children, in 52 air strikes.
Well that is even more overlap then. The scenes are all adventures/journeys with some enemy chasing.

Well, behold today's linguistics:
king action enemies adventure chase incredibly journey

Time to buckle up....are we all going on a frightful journey?
Reads like a screen writing or novel, Maria, very interesting imagery for sure.
And interesting botwords Eagle1.
keep in mind that Obama unofficially declared war on Syria this week... the main news has been silent on this but its all over the alternative news sites.