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Full Version: I am hearing a conversation
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08/04/2015 AM
Mood: sad
location: unknown

I am hearing a conversation:

My Father make marriage with her father. We very young. Father say “Make babies!”
We not know how to make babies, old lady teach me, old man teach wife, we have much pain.
We not love. We not friends. I not know her, she not know me. We have much fear!
We have house. We not poor. I go to school, she learn be wife. Old woman live our house to teach her. Old woman is very mean; she beat us and yell much. We not tell father about old woman, she hurt us. We have terrible fear.
Father say you make babies old woman go away. We try every day, old woman watch us, she laugh at us and say “I will never go away”.
One day wife say she has baby her Mother tell her is true.
Old woman go away, we get new woman to help baby be born. New woman very kind.
When baby ready we find out is more babies. One born than hours later another born then another we think have 3 babies is enough. New woman say “is problem, another baby is waiting.” We wait many hours. New woman say fourth baby learn something other babies not learn, is taking time to be different from other babies. She say baby is learning love. He will be teacher for all babies. He will teach love.

The young man was in his late teens, dark hair, dark eyes and brown skin. His skin is the smoothness of a youngster but his eyes are filled with fear and anxiety. His speech is broken because he does not speak English very well. His four sons are playing in the background. His young wife sits by his side quietly, she does not speak. I think she does not understand English. They have "escaped" from somewhere and are asking for help.

My dreams are being really weird lately! In this one I have no idea where I am or who I am. I do know that this one made me very sad.
esholars: This conversation sounds a lot like Chani. The content (learning how to do basic human innate stuff), is probably the few things Chani would not know.
I thought more along the lines of being middle eastern , less modern life style.
Do you believe we can intercept another person's dreams and also possibly dream about their real memories?
I do believe we can intercept others dreams. I also believe we can share others dreams if we are in some proximity to them.