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Full Version: Chicken Vendor
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Intent: To dream about what the blank open book from my Tarot draw means for September.

I am at a market observing a large sweaty man wearing loosely fitting clothes moving chickens caged in wooden slat and wire cages out of a vending stall covered with canvas hung on tree polls. Some cages held one, two or three live brown chickens. The idea was that people received the number of chickens they wanted. It didn't matter.

06-09-15: witch breaks yep neighbor music recorded lately expect days chocolate train hot edited had view anonymous date mon owl sheet structured sister mostly throat ill liked chaos would up real numbers hope were too market shed armor elements outcome bought

I didn't see any other people or money changing hands.
China and chickens go well together but from the look of the tarped stall and the man's clothing and hat, my guess is the Middle East somewhere.