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Full Version: Fox News or ...?
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Woke up a short time ago scratching my head staring at the ceiling wondering why two fox appeared  in a dream on a path as I was walking through a wooded glen.
They were trying to show me something imminent. Unlike a wily coyote, these critters weren't about tricks; they were trying to uncover something hidden in the brush that was about to jump out.

all symbols felt metaphoric.
emotions were : perplexed, cautious, anticipatory.
I think Ill watch the news today and tomorrow to see if a false flag happens or something 'jumps out'
from say- FOX NEWS.
Ooooh, EXCELLENT declarations of metaphors. I'm anticipating something like this, too, AD. Keep in mind that CNN has TWO n's, so might as well keep that station in your crosscheck also.