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Full Version: Lucid Dream
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This dream was the night of the Perseid meteor shower, Aug, 12 2015.  I went to bed before the meteor shower started as I finally felt an increase in cosmic energies, something that has apparently missed me until now.  I have been concentrating on a state of awakened consciousness lately and am getting some results, this is the 2nd episode of lucid dreams I had lately.   The first lucid dreams were mostly a social experience and not worth posting.  I am also meditating on gratefulness/ the power of thanks.   I would like to point out that this was a simpler version than the lucid dreaming I experienced in the late 1990's.  At that point I tried to stay awake while going to sleep, very difficult.  After 16 months I eventually pulled it off and was conscious when I fell asleep.  It is as crazy as it sounds and likely takes a seasoned 30-something soul highly 'tuned in' to pull it off.  I was having hard times.  This was different.  It was easier, less conscious effort was needed but I still had free will to move and speak in the dream as if I were awake in real life as long as I kept conscious.  It was full time effort.   If you are interested in this watch a movie called 'Waking Life', it is just a showing of what happens, not a training manual, and it is cartoonized.

This dream began where I am now staying and the same night, as if my dream were 'real time' which is new to me.  I was looking out the window for a meteor when I noticed a shape.  I got closer and noticed it was a spaceship, then more, then lots of them.  The were shaped like this  =O  like the graphic picture but the front end was a disc not a sphere.  And the trailing end was solid but raised on the sides as if it were two pieces side by side, it was completely connected in the middle.  Or like the star trek enterprise but with one flat rectangle in the back, not two raised thrusters.  The back most end was notched in.

I looked intently at the lead ship as if they were making eye contact from the front command area.  They flew closer to me then a man appeared outside my window, entirely benevolent, sort of like a projected vision, then a woman appeared in the room with me.  As if she teleported but it wasn't like that.  They wore tight fitting, white jump suits or flight suits with colored trim on the arms and shoulders.  We talked.  I eventually realized she knew I was in a lucid dream.  She stated opportunity in that there were better options on the horizon.  I understood what she was saying in that if I could continue to lucid dream I would have more.  I put myself in an awakened state immediately.  Another visit followed where I continued to stay conscious.

It was really cool, something I never dreamed before and I can state now a good alternative to the real meteor shower if not better.  It was as if they were actually patrolling our planet looking for conscious dreamers and I made contact.

The next dreams were slow to start and convoluted at first.  I found a piece of scrap paper with handwriting on it in pencil.  I picked it up and read it over and over, it changed every time I read it and the only word I remember is 'opportunity'.  It again was explaining to me I had more options if I stayed in that state.  The dreams stacked one after the other.  Another dream was someone again trying to talk to me but I could not speak.  This has happened to me several times and is annoying.  I tried and only mumbled although the person with me did not get turned off or upset with me.  I was patient.

In some sense between dreams I was put back in a dream state and another episode occurred.  I increased my awareness at every conscious point and I went thru a series of short dreams.  Looking back it was a test then a training ground to access/ improve my ability.

One dream I was in a restaurant.  I was in the back before it opened and felt like I was going to work.  It wasn't pleasant but I stayed awake as I wanted to stay in the dream state.  Another dream I was in a game room like an older midway arcade but modern with dim lights and nice short carpet, no shit.  This time there were 3 or 4 people there but not as many as the place could accomodate.  There was a modified fussball table, two types of ski-ball and some other games, all were different and had more to them than our versions.  I played one.  I think I was escorted out of this scenario but I cannot be sure.  I would have gladly stayed there.  

Another dream I was with an old soccer buddy who I no longer hang out with.  I had a falling out with him in real life.  We were walking along a freeway although there were no cars, he had lots of people with him and some family.  We got along.  Every dream was about the same length, like a 'run time'.  I'll state 5 but not ten minutes.  They all seemed back to back as well.  I slept from 1:30am to 5:30am, it seemed like one continual dream after the next although I am not certain.  I did want to stay in a conscious state, a lucid state, so I never let my guard down.  I never woke up that night which is unusual.

What I want to make clear is the other people in the dream were having the same dream.  Some were conscious of it and some were not.  I would imagine the average people, most or all of those not entirely conscious of their own presence, were Americans in real life.  I would guess some of the people directly addressing me were planted and guided me.  They were entirely cognizant of what was going on.  One of them would lead me into a dream and almost every time this involved walking into a building or thru a door.

The last dream was with a prominent historical figure but I do not want to name who it was.  We met and I built rapport with him.  I consider myself a historian in real life, starting with a BA in History, Clemson '92.   Eventually he began to entertain me/ acknowledge my presence and we continued discourse.  It was in an apartment building, wooden floors & walls and we walked between 2 rooms one upstairs of the other.  This final dream lasted longest, it was extended as if the run time expired and I was rewarded with another episode.  This occurred about 4 or so times and was the most memorable dream as it was long and the final dream.

I have had some unpleasant dreams this year, more than usual which is a lot.  I deal with it as it started when I was real young.  Most people don't get much rest with such dreams but I can function after a night of nightmares.  This dream was exciting, eventful, and rewarding.  Unique indeed but I woke up exhausted.  It was a short sleep and I spent the entire time trying to stay awake.  I can state now we may be contacted soon but it appears to me to be from a spiritual essence, palpable but not physical.
I just remembered one more dream episode.  Thought I would throw it in.  I was witnessing the final editing of a hollywood movie.  I must have been in the film studio since I was watching all the scenes being spliced into the final cut.  I cannot remember the plot although it was a suspense thriller but no tough guy or action scenes which I prefer.  The wrap up, or resolution it is called, was an individual explaining the turn of events and how the outcome occurred, which was an high impact and emotionless speech but a triumphant ending as opposed to the plot which was rather dark.  I stared at the scene not being able to recognize the actor but eventually realized it was Robert DeNiro.  He had slicked back, dark brown hair and larger, black plastic rim eye glasses typical of the 1960's which made him look retro.