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Full Version: A Presentation and Selling Beef
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I again had several dreams but remembered only two. They were both strange.

I was in an old drive-in movie theater which sloped upward toward the screen. The screen was blank. I was in a car or suv with a sunroof, which was open, and my car was about two thirds of the way down the hill, pointed upwards towards the screen. I was standing up through the sun roof, giving a speech or presentation and speaking into a mike, except the mike didn't amplify my voice but instead was just recording it.

I remember yelling very loudly towards the audience which were all situated around me. There were very professional people there, and I actually called on them to answer some simple questions from their perspective. Obviously, after they had answered the questions, I was demonstrating a key trend, the important punchline.

I remember that the people with the most clout were the furthest away and I remember screaming at the top of my voice such that they could hear my questions. A semi-truck drove around the lot, making a huge amount of noise. I decided to stop talking and wait for him to leave such that everyone could hear me.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the punchline to my speech. I got up early this morning to pee, and I pounded it into my memory bank with the dream, but I failed to remember.....bummer.

Second dream:
My family is bummed because the authorities won't let us sell the beef as a big lot. Instead we have to wait for a single sectioned lot before the sign can go up which said, "USDA Choice Beef." I remember seeing the dividers going up and sign being posted.

I'm really not sure what this dream is all day residue here whatsoever.
Do you know why you were selling the beef Eagle?
There appears to be overlap with your dream and AD's dream.
"where's the beef? Its whats for dinner!"
Eagle 1-
ever see the movie, "Soylent Green" ?

Seems we are living it now eh? What I remember vividly about that flick (besides the suicide parlors) is that the
elite 1% running the show (Charlton Heston's bosses) are the only ones that can eat steak as they have access to it.
All the rest of the 99% ARE the beef!

I haven't seen a drive-in movie theater in years; have they closed them all down?
as for shout to the ones with clout-
could be a message to nix the subconscious caste system as we are all equal- and it will save your voice from strain.
Seems you are a natural born teacher, professor, and leader. Your voice is important.
A whisper speaks louder than a scream.