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Full Version: Donald gets a makeover
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With the standard intention, I dreamed that I was the camera man for the Donald Trump debate. I really doubt this is day residue because I am normally so wildly a-political that I think America is so far gone for any new President to be able to do anything about it.

Okay, so this was a one on one debate. Trump was debating some famous female, and gosh darn I can't remember who it was. Was it Oprah? It really doesn't matter because the camera was on Trump the whole time.

Donald stunned the world by getting a totally new look. It didn't even look like him. He looked decades younger, totally new hair (black hair I think), everything was totally different....except his voice and mannerisms.

He was sitting next to a young woman, also black hair. Trump was saying that his then first wife went on vacation when he met this new honey. He said, "We were lucky she went on vacation....we were LUCKY!!" in true Trump energized style. In essence, I wasn't here long enough to see any debate. He was simply recounting how he met his new woman.
Maybe my Proj September intention opened the door to the future. I definitely saw infidelity in my dream, and although this big news piece isn't about Donald Trump, it definitely IS about infidelity.