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This occurred during an evening nap when I didn't expect any dream activity.  I'll point out I was in a good mood after dinner.  When I woke up I couldn't sleep so I decided to post, otherwise I may not have due to the content.

I was watching a pilot for a tv show which followed a formally hit series that ended.  This show was a test to check if was viable.  It was hbo and had some famous actors.  The scene was a young adult living in a wealthy house who asked a prominent individual over to discuss something very important.  The visitor entered and was basically disinterested in what the young man had to say, but was persuaded to hear him out.  The prominent individual was played by Dustin Hoffman.  The young man went on and on about a presence amoung us that was not as it seems.  In a word reptiles.
The show was catchy and well done as it went on for some time with just discourse.  As a viewer I was anticipating a punch line to resolve the scene, it was a great buildup.  Eventually another man entered the room, a distant relative to the younger man, maybe an uncle.  The uncle was also certain about the reptile presence although he used tact.  Shortly thereafter the man of the house entered and was confronted with the discussion.  He disregarded the subject as preposterous.  Then a fourth individual entered the room and confronted the man of the house.  This individual was not as he seemed, he looked human but wasn't. He approached the man of the house, a non believer, and leaned forward to bite him at which point the victim was metaphysically altered into another reptile lookalike.  At that point the scene began to intensify as another smaller look alike entered and began a disgusting display of malice toward the man of the house who had just lost his life after being transformed.  The reptile became grotesque and violent, the man of the house was shocked he had lost his human life and became very ugly.  Everything became convoluted at that point and as the chaos increased I lost the dream.
Upon awakening the scene reminded me of the vampire series that have been running lately where an innocent transforms into an evil form.  The scene wasn't about how it happens just that it exists as if the show was to follow how mankind discovered an alien presence amoung us.  That was the key, they are right here and have been.  I do not watch those series as I am on my way to 50 years, I haven't watched TV for almost 4 years.  I realize this sounds like Dr. Who sci-fi but I am certain we are not alone.  Normally I am cautious about making such statements but this was not my usual dream.  In addition to being unique the content was quite specific.  I have lost interest in the energy wave 'coming soon' as it has all been empty rhetoric so far.  Given this was the second alien dream I had recently I figure something may occur.
'I have lost interest in the energy wave 'coming soon' as it has all been empty rhetoric so far. Given this was the second alien dream I had recently I figure something may occur.'

Well said.

By the way, I'm wondering if you saw my alien dream much earlier this year that still captivates me to this day. Not looking for comments, but if something really drastic strikes you about the dream, well, then please do let me know. I find it interesting that you used the word 'transformed,' although in a different context as my dream. Link:
Eagle I would interpret your dream to be an attempt at disclosure, that being contact with benevolent beings as opposed to evil ones.  Except you have two entities there, the higher white sphere, and the lower yellow ones.  It didn't seem as though they worked in harmony.  Maybe that is just yourself witnessing the layers or dimensions present.  The white orbs being a higher presence than the yellow ones who take on a form to become approachable at the visceral level.  Thanks for sending that, I'm not the only one.
In comparison my dream was all out evil body snatching reptoids who assume your corporal being.  It was frightening but well portrayed, maybe Hitchcock like.  The man who was victimized screamed and blistered and fell over wanting help but realized there wasn't anything anyone could do.  Hell in your own body.

In my opinion some of the disclosure websites discuss this difference, good vs. evil, and there seems to be an ongoing decision as whether to expose the evil forces that have plagued us or skip them and enter the new paradigm without looking back at what caused this dark age.  I think we saw the opposing sides, strange people are having such dreams now.  I would say definitely a sign but life has worn me down, the thrill is gone, and such concepts doesn't inspire me much anymore.  But I do stay 'tuned in'.  The flip side is I saw a good presence in my 'lucid dream' and it was enjoyable but I still had to work to make it so.
Thanks Cathartid for your analysis.

I just thought of something based on your discussion of 'good vs bad.' I don't know the answer to the question I'll pose. I'm just wondering....what if the other entities simply become whatever we assume they are. So if they are seen as evil, they will only be evil, committing horror and mayhem. But if they are seen as good, then they will treat us with respect and dignity.

Yeah, dream on, Eagle! That's what you're thinking, right? Smile
   Ummm, no.  Our perspective does not change what they are, only which ones you connect with.  The evil ones can make you feel 'connected', spiritually loved, and deceive you.   But that is a great view as life is what you make it.  The law of attraction dictates, some say, 99% of what happens to us in this lifetime.  There are shy of 20 universal laws which are immutable precepts based on the cosmic design of this universe.  They are not guidelines or rules as we know it for instance the 10 commandments, the universal laws are higher aggregate observations.  The way we approach free will is sometimes a disaster.  Bad intent violates the 10 commandments, but causes a imposition from the universal laws.  Universal laws apply to all dimensions.  There is no countering a universal law if it pertains to you.  In addition to the law of attraction the other applicable law is 'cause and effect'.  For every action or interaction there is a reaction or outcome.  As you can see it isn't a 2D give & take scenario as we know it.  It is how the universal energies operate.  You can find them online but look for hard and fast 'laws', not guides or lists of preferable conduct.  Each list will be different.  Get back to me if anyone wants or message me, I don't care.

    As far as aliens you hit a viable point but when we find out what is really going on you'll be stunned.  There are good, bad, and otherwise.   Generally the otherwise are just as destructive as the bad aliens.  It is kind of like Earth today; we have good, bad, and indifferent people.  The indifferent ones are hard to place and sometimes counter to what is in everyones best interest.  Some say indifference is the opposite of love, not hate as with hate at least one is taking a stance.  Indifferent races tend to change sides once in a while.  Forming a liaison with them, just like in our world, will generally one day bite you in the butt.

  So here is my list.  This is from experience.  I don't voice my knowledge much as less than 3% of the population can grasp this.  Sort of like David Icke, he is spot on but gathers dissension.   Not his fault and part of me feels for David as if he saw a reptile he would be rewarded.  The flip side is once you go down that rabbit hole you don't come back.  There is no forgetting.
  The greys, reptiles and dracos are pure evil.  I was abducted by the greys several times when I was 8 and again in my 30's.  They paralyze you with fear and torture you, show you peaceful pics of home or green pastures to get your mind back to happy, then torture you again.  They are looking to hijack the human soul by finding people with an active metagene, the condition that makes people superhuman in impossible situations. They are not powerful in the universal theater but they got the best of us.  If they don't find a 'host' they will cosmically evaporate during the upcoming energy upgrades. Hence their crossbreeding program.  It is sick.  Incidentally hijacking another soul is impossible, go figure.
  Reptiles are lizard men and dracos are bat like reptoids.  They look like the creature from the black lagoon or 'predator'.  The vampire stories and Prometheus are about dracos.  Lizards can shapeshift, dracos can become invisible.  I have seen this and if you let it get the best of you you will become a basket case.  Archons are the worst and take on forms in all dimensions.  The control the Vaticans' jesuits, manipulated the Khazaarists, and hijacked America's education system.  I figure most people will disregard this issue after the cosmic transition.
    The otherwise are the Tall Whites.  The are human similar to us but about 7' tall and quite pale.  They live under area 51, I don't know why, and mine titanium for use in their home colony.  The have made alliances with the fallout Nazis and I read now the Russians.  They do not particularly like Americans.  They are simply looking to keep a mining colony here for their personal use.  This is an intergalactic violation by the way.  They also had connections with the moon base which historically was working against humanities best interest.  The Mantis is also indifferent.  These tend to associate with the dark side.  Apparently there are hundreds of 'otherwise' factions.  They simply want to use our planet for their purpose without regard to us.  We will not achieve our highest potential if we become afflicted by their presence.
  And most of the new age stuff centers around good intergalactics. The Plieads, Procyon, Arcturians, Bhiavians, Blue Warriors, Lyra, Andromeda.  That list doesn't end.  What fascinates me is these benevolents are loosely organized and do not all work in harmony.  Not all are human yet some could walk among us without us knowing, kinda cool.  What irritates me is over the past 5 years their penchant to contribute and shortsightedness has extended this timeline.  Now I read it is crunch time over the next 4-6 weeks and some will experience a transition, finally.  At such a cost.  I have read plenty of the 'contact' reports and trust my dreams infinitely more than internet posts.

   So that is the playing field. The law of attraction dictates where you will end up.  Stay tuned into your higher self at all times and all levels.  It doesn't matter where you end up, it isn't a race.  My understanding is the spiritually aligned will be taken from Earth.  Anyone who has had experiences including dreams of benevolent aliens have already taken that step.  It doesn't end though, you have to keep on keeping on with personal growth.  It is an ongoing dynamic.  The flip side is those left for whatever reason will experience the doomsday prophesies and will likely die.  This is where I drew a distinction about pre and post September predictions.  It is a pass or fail issue.  I wish we had a better option but that has been taken from us years ago, against our free will.  Incidentally contact may occur in a dream state if that makes sense.  You'll go to sleep and wake up on a spaceship, prepare for that.  Some sites I think state pack a day bag just in case - wow.  Keep it small, you won't need anything and pets are ok.
Wowsers. What a response!

So I take it you're not too keen on Dr. Stephen Greer? For anyone not up to speed on Greer, I've heard him state that the only negative-type aliens and/or entities are those that were manufactured by the black ops military industrial complex. All others are looking out for our best interest.

I'd say your expose is a much more complete picture. One comment before I get to my add-on point.

You said, "Incidentally hijacking another soul is impossible, go figure"
My comment: But hijacking the physical body is possible, correct? If so, does the entity co-exist with the soul or boot the original soul out, or 'it depends?'

Finally, you provide a lot of information here about the different types of entities. I'm going to plop this document here in this thread because it is a directly and relevant follow-on to your most awesome post. I can't say where I got the document from, but I have met the person first hand (not the author of the document, but the person who received the document from the author). Turns out, he has become one of my best friends. I'll probably give him a special account here at the NDC, but more on that later.

Okay, here's the document. Please use discretion, and I may start another thread depending on how much conversation we get. Enjoy.

Okay, problem with the file size. Standby
Okay, here it is. Discern, discern, discern (duh!) Also note that the pictures provided may not be actual photographs but just simple renderings or best guesses, so keep that in mind.
I wanna get in on this discussion. I'm posting a blurb because right now, I can't guarantee if I'll be able to get back online today or even in the near future so I want to be able to find the thread again.

Continue on, kids. Big Grin
Thanks for all the replies.  My lucid dream was more eventful to me and I got few to no responses, ha.  

I'll start with Windy before I get on another diatribe.  First of all - 'raw stories were', no apostrophe.  I come from an academic family.

As far as your assessment who is it that should not eat the foreign fruit?  In my dream which I consider along the lines of a typical TV plot the believers fared ok.  They accepted the unproven belief.  The man of the house who was not having any part of it was infected and was compromised.  He was taken unknowingly and afterward quite against his will.  So I am figuring it is sort of the opposite situation or am I overanalyzing?  I am interested if my interpretation is close to what you meant.

I fully understand the Grimms Tales having studied German and toured abroad in there.  Hansel & Gretel being the famous example today which has been changed for our country, it is now politically correct with a fairy tale ending.  For those who don't know the Grimms Tales were the first fairy tales and did not have pleasant endings.  I read this book long ago and it was helpful illuminating the coming of age process in the modern world, or the lack thereof.  It is long and detailed with many literary references, too heavy for many readers.

Here is video of a story, The Scorpion and the Frog.  I think this precisely illustrates what we are dealing with here even if you do not understand aliens or for that matter Israel.  It is a 3 minute fairy tale and has all the parts of a short story.  In my opinion this is spot on describing the dark side.

Eagle, I have no problem with Steven Greer but what new agers and exo groups do not understand is every one has a different experience.  10 contactees/ abductees will have 10 stories.  Except for grey abduction/ tortures.  I have listened to grey abductees under hypnosis and there stories are borderline identical to mine including the swearing.  As unfortunate as it is that will make you a believer.

Greer pioneered CE5 (close encounter of the 5th kind) which is contact thru meditation.  The entire planet should be doing that now.  Those who can will be normal, those who can't have to start, those who won't have an issue.  I respect him although I read he took some of the Sirius movie donations and pocketed them, still a child in that regard.  Nevertheless he has conviction and acts on it, he also does not like the government.  His view is not the reason for my disdain, what aggravates me is the loopy new channeled messages, the inconclusive agenda, and all out lack of results.

   There are several new sites stating AI is the only source of evil intelligence.  Greys are non-sentient, that means they have no souls.  They are manufactured on a laboratory table and are probably silicon based, definitely protein fed ... beings.  They have skin like thick parachute material and have no means of healing or regeneration.  Cut them and they need medical attention quick, they bleed black blood.  They eat pureed humans thru their hands and their mouths are 'drawn' on their faces.  They speak telekinetically and invade your mind to do so.  They allegedly come from Orion and are only 4D creatures.  They are called J-Rod as that is their (jewish) way of saying the number 15, J is the 10th letter of the alphabet and I forget the Rod=5 part.  Something to do with their origins.  In order to conquer Earth they had to develop as a species which took them a shit-long time.  Then they developed time travel, came back in time to Earth now from 52,000 years from now, and call subsequently call themselves P-52's.  There are P-45's as well.  They take great pride in being older and more experienced and have to be swapped into a new body every so often as their skin sacks wear out.  6 'reincarnations' is a 6th generation and somewhat powerful.  Incidentally I overcame their torture process when I was in my 30's and overpowered them.  What I saw in their bases is unspeakable.  They also have what we would consider exquisite technology.  They also ration it out to the US secret programs and it is used in Montauk,NY -  Lyme, CT - Tavistock which is a link between the MK Ultra program and the 'surface' as it is called.  We are called surface dwellers.  Incidentally the Earth is hollow and there are people living in there, they rescued me once or twice.  There are also underground cities and reptile bases.  In addition the Earth is a sphere, a hollow one.  The 'flat-earthers' make me sick, where did that come from?

As far as the pdf doc, I have seen it. I read it was a Russian publication which makes sense, it would be censored here. I guessed it to be about 90% accurate, I found a mistake in one species but I would have to look clean thru to find it. What I would state is do not judge a being by their appearance. 'ET' also likes to look cool and some decent beings look tough. Also the higher the dimension the less corporeal love you feel and some decent beings do not exhibit a warm energy signature. Karma is the wrong word, that basically refers to guilt you carry from a wrong doing.
The archons possess a complete absence of love or consideration and feel like a dark vacuum when you get near them, an soul like a dark abyss. They are from another dark universe and if they do not take this planet they will cease to exist - soon. Hence the battle to the end, and why 'ET' has not disseminated what is actually occurring. Due to the complete secret and sinister nature of what is real vs. our fake paradigm. I call it the 'make money pay bills' world which is all created to enslave us. If you have a job you are a slave.
I accidentally hit 'Post'.
I think the dark knight satellite ship is from the dark universe the archons are from.  The dracos are from Orion and the reptoids are from here.  They 'incarnated' here, they do not give birth as we do, they are 5D but do interbreed and now have hybrid races somehow.  There are reptiles on Sirius-B and also Rigel which is their stronghold and Rigel is trying to make Earth it's slave planet.  If you think this is nonsense google image 'reptile statues'.  Where would that come from?

The AI being spoke of is nanobot technology.  It is consumed by us thru chemtrails, vaccines, and food.  Grey technology helps develop vaccines and they are legitimized thru John Hopkins via Tavistock.  Microwave and scalar technologies are used to trigger a victim.  That is morgellons disease, 6 month cancer, and they also induce manchurian candidates like Sirhan Sirhan.  Mind controlled killers are located as children and bred thruout their lifetime.  That is also the Bourne Identity movie.  James Holmes and Timothy McVeigh are others accused of that stuff but I don't know that it works so well anymore.  Incidentally Timothy McVeigh was completely innocent, he took a fall for that false flag and I wouldn't be surprised if he is still alive.

The same technology is used to make cyborg super soldiers which are working contingent with the moon I think.  Incidentally the moon is hollow and has loads of technology beaming down on Earth.  That is where the term 'lunatic' comes from and the full moon horror stories.  I think the moon was taken over by good forces recently.  The super soldiers are another attempt as all out control although their plan failed since 911.   For their plan to work they need us to volunteer our free will to give up our freedoms.  They had planned to crash the dollar and lead us into fema camps which never happened.   They underestimated human potential. But this same technology was supposed to manufacture immortal soldiers, cause incurable disease (enter John Hopkins), and is also the flesh eating virus stuff and now the vampire stories have been replaced to zombie stories because of this technology.  And that is part of the holdup for this transition.  The dark side has so many tentacles that have to be addressed.  They also have extra dimensional weapons which were used to disintegrate the world trade towers and maybe the recent China explosion. They also have kill switches in case they lose, the planet was wired to be blown but that has been neutralized I think.

I have read over and over jade helm is a test to see if their technology is superior to human resilience and if it works they can refine the program to herd us up.  It is all manufactured by the dark forces.  Think about it, if AI were the only evil alien existence where did it come from.  Source what is being said, it didn't fall out of the sky.  Also the good intergalactics are generally extremely conditioned to show respect and do not violate the 'prime directive' which is let the 3D planet evolve on its own.  They would never mislead anyone, much the opposite they are trying to set an example.  They are not supposed to jump down and help us, if they did we would defer to them and that would kill our free will constant.  Everything is a double edged sword.

I imagine I jumped around, this is a fraction of what I understand.   If anyone wants to comment or discuss an issue please do so.  Here are some mind control sites that show how humans are manipulated.  My point is it is doable and those stating it is the only malevolent presence have reason to.  Just realize humans did not pioneer this stuff and if not who did?

- Added note. Queen Elizabeth is a shape shifting reptoid. I do not mention that much for obvious reasons and wanted to comment on Sherrianns Australia dream but I do not know if that would be appropriate, this site has a defined agenda and adding new age mumbo jumbo is the last thing needed. But I dreamt of reptiles, Sheriann dreamt of the queen lizard bitch, and Julie dreamt of a dragon. Wow.
This site is loaded with bad encounters.  This page has hypnosis reports from a girl who was sexually abducted.  I post this as computers do not have sex.  I do not get into the movie references although there are plenty and proven, the Matrix pic about 911 was new to me.  And there are reports on the tall whites which show the duality tall whites embrace, indifferent = evil.
Eagle! can we get back on topic. Long postings that have little to do with our experiment are boring.
(08-22-2015, 01:52 AM)esholars Wrote: [ -> ]Eagle! can we get back on topic. Long postings that have little to do with our experiment are boring.

Ok, just saying the internet is not accurate and do not put much stock in what you read.  Delete it if you want.