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Full Version: Soldiers and bread on the road
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Something happened that caused a societal collapse. My dogs and I watched above from a distance as soldiers piled loaves of bread and bottled water onto a road. It was to feed the populace. No way were we going down there. There was something wrong with the road. The road itself wanted us. I know I had friends in a secure camp, but they weren't with me. There was a feeling of sorrow and desperation.
I know there was more, but that's what I remember. It was a dream that left me uneasy.
Thanks Morgan. Did you happen to hold an intention while going to sleep?
(08-19-2015, 02:18 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Morgan. Did you happen to hold an intention while going to sleep?

Hi Eagle. No, no intention. I've read up on that, and I think I'm going to try. One thing I'very noticed over the years is that if I remember a dream that gives me a certain feeling they sometimes come to pass.
No problem, Morgan, not at all. I was just wondering whether I should move it over to the Project September folder. No problem, and don't feel like you have to only provide precognitive dreams. Your regular old dreams also have an element of the future in them. That's where the dreambot comes in. Thanks for being here!