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Full Version: Southwestern Trip
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This was what I remember from a longer dream today.
I was driving in a car with my parents ( who are still alive). We were driving through what I assume is the desert southwest, though not an actual area of which I am familiar. I believe this was a trip for pleasure and we had a goal of reaching "somewhere" though I don't remember where that was.
The landscape we were driving through reminded me of what is typically found in the desert southwest. Big red rock formations, red clay dirt, sparse green vegetation, some canyons and cliffs. It wasn't a lower desert as there there wasn't cactus or the lower desert look. It seemed like what you would find at Arches, Monument Valley, Sedona, near the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon...just not the pine trees.
As we were driving to ...wherever, we came upon a "point of interest" sign. I don't know what was said, but it was a a noted place of interest to stop and visit. We decided to pull over and follow the short road which led to a building. It was a modern building, like a visitor welcome center, similar to a new modern state or national park center, not an older one. In the lobby/entry, there were large windows to the outside, floor to ceiling almost. The visitor desk had 2 registers and information about the attraction. The cost was in the $20-$30 price range (day residue as last night I was looking at the admission price for the new elevator observation tour for One Tower at the World Trade Center, a link my mom gave me). Looking through the lobby windows you could see we were on top of a plateau. There were some large boulder rocks, red in color around the plateau. Sunken inside of this plateau of sorts, was a lake. I thought "why is this lake special?" and I heard the words "Salton Sea". I knew it wasn't THE Salton Sea, which is in California and looked nothing like the lake in front of me. My first thought was it must be a "salt" water lake, out here where there is no ocean. That would surly be a point of interest. We were buying tickets to explore the lake when I woke up.

Could it be the Salt Lake?

Also, wondering if the moving theme is day residue from the other dream overlaps. Except in this case, we've got a destination!
I do not believe it was Salt Lake. If it was the Salton Sea, it was not what the Salton Sea looks like. Salton Sea may have been mentioned for a salt water reference only. While I wasn't moving homes, I was on a trip.
There have been earthquakes within the past few months in the Salton Sea. It lies near the San Andres Fault. I did not feel "earthquake" was a theme but who knows. I did feel that this lake was unusual, noteworthy.