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Full Version: Autograph from Pope Francis I.
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September 22th to 27th this year Pope Francis will visit USA.
On June 18th he published a new encyclical'
This what I dreamed about a year ago:

Dream Wednesday, August 6, 2014
Autograph from Pope Francis I.

I am in a landscape outdoors. The weather is fine, it is warm, the sky is blue. Everything is full of people, because Pope Francis I. happens to be here. He is dressed all in white and surrounded by people. I watch the scene and think to myself, if I can manage to get close to him, I'll speak to him. It takes some time, but then I stand next to him. So I ask him (to my own surprise!) "Holiness, you could give me an autograph?" He nods. Again he is surrounded by others. I think, I'll best prepare paper and pen so he can start right away...

I find a large piece of paper, 11.7 x 16.5 inches but even longer. There is already quite a bit written on it with black ink (letters, sketches, etc.), but on top right there is still a lot of space left.

I go after Francis and return with him and then I say: "It's all prepared." He looks younger than now, but he is obviously under stress (see picture, dated about 2004).


He has dark circles around the eyes, his eyes are deep-set. The skin of his face is slightly swollen and looks glassy. Throughout the day surrounded by people, everybody comes up with something...

He bends over the sheet of paper, tries the first pen. It won't do. I give him a second one and this time it works. He begins to write in capital letters:

XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX       (term 3 to 6 forgotten)

Name Francis in calligraphy sigil. The whole forms a rectangle or square about 10 x 11 cm in size. At the bottom in normal cursive Jorge Mario Bergoglio Munich 2004

See picture:


Note: My scetch is by no means accurate! It is close in terms of visual impression but not as to the layout of the lines.

He is very focused on the task, despite all the bustle. When he's done, I say to him: "Your Holiness already have been here several times," because I know that he was incarnated here about four times. I try to remember the individual incarnations and their purposes. Before I'm done with memorizing and can start recounting them to him he wants to leave. I feels too occupied and dismisses and so I didn't even begin to try recounting. Francis does not remember where he has been. It's been too much for him. He is passed around all the time. Why remember all of it?
Again he is "washed away" and I think to myself, "o.k., this is how his autograph looks like".

I startled and immediately woke up at 4:25 am.
Thank you Jenafor for translating to English. Smile I enjoyed reading it. I like the way you were able to do the drawing.
Thank You!