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Full Version: Timeline revisions
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Dream was roughly 3 days ago
Intention: I would like to have dreams showing me the most important event for me in the next 30 days

I did not get any specific event. Instead, I had a vision where I could see there were numerous events happening. Each event had an "index", its revision number. Most events had an index of 0. A timeline formed, where sometimes the event index was zero, but in some cases there was an index greater than zero; this indicated that the timeline had been changed by a greater power. Sometimes the index was 1, I believe the highest number was 6. I saw other cases where there were multiple events, that were shown to eventually be merged to a final event (1 - 4 eventually became a single event 5, and were happening in parallel). I didn't have an event that was tied to any of the squares, just the knowledge that the event were typically "revision 0" meaning they happened as they happened, with occasions where revisions were made that then merged with the other typical events.

NOTES: My personal takeaway is that things aren't set - a higher power can choose to make a change. If this is the most "important" thing based on the intent, it hopefully means that some major bad events might get revised. I tried a followup intention asking how I would know a revision took place and got nothing.

I work with computers and revision control software is part of my job - I don't think this was day residue, just a way of symbolizing things to me in a way I'd get.
Interesting dream, it does suggest some answers to several questions that have been asked lately on here.
Several of our members have noticed things that are not as they remember them.
We have wondered if there has been a change in our timeline.
While the Bible speaks volumes of God as changeless and "everlasting to everlasting," it also speaks repeatedly of God "changing His mind." (Note: my use of the male pronoun here is just for simplicity sake.) But, history also was set "before the foundation of the world," and so, "bad" events have to be seen in its total context, which we cannot do in our time-bound world. Of course, there is no history in God; God just is. Our prayers still matter though ... to the point where I also remember in the movie, Bruce Almighty, where Jim Carrey is immediately burdened with the power of God, paralyzed by all the prayers he starts receiving. To quickly erase his computer's in box, he answers "Yes" to everyone's prayers, without even reading them. The next day, he discovers the fallacy of his action, with the example of everyone around him winning the lottery, but because everyone won, the individual prize was reduced to a $1. He realized that immediately answering "yes" to all prayers without reading the entire prayer, absorbing its full intent, was really a selfish response, and one might say, not a loving response either.