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Full Version: 9/14/2015 11:49 - RAPTURE
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Setting and background

Move into resort type complex with Girlfriend with ex-girlfriend whom I have not seen for years, save the other day, as the roommate.

Difficulty ensues when rent was not effectively explained

Dad comes and visits.

During a nap, in my dream, I have a dream that I am talking to someone and somebody breaks open a soda can sideways and causes a huge explosion, killing me.

Second dream during this nap, I am the One in the Matrix fighting multiple agent smiths in multiple bodies.

I wake up from my nap in my dream back into my super dream.

Telling my dad about the dream as well as my other problems with rent, we see a consultant to be referred to a psychologist for dream interpretation and whatever else. I end up being referred to a gynecologist, or GYN as marked on the paper in big, capital letters. I am a male. 

We head to the administration building through a series of stairs, with I trying to explain my dreams to my dad, unsuccessfully. Finally he says "What did he tell you? That thousands of people climb these stairs everyday?" (Referring to God, as I said that I think God is trying to tell me something) he is trying to berate me.

The next flight of stairs he agrees unequivocally to listen. Finally I say, "I'm sorry dad, the rapture" is all that escapes my mouth (I didn't want to say this, it was more like my body was forced to say it) as my body begins sensations of euphoria. "I love you," I say as I quickly ascend to heaven. I am woken from my dream with a thought of being late for work - outside of my dream, which it is 11:59 right now as I'm writing, and a low, deep, rich voice saying "You're so irresponsible."after that thought of being late for work. Sleep paralysis was caught just in time to not take affect. 

Strong feelings of multidimensionalism. Very weird dream.
There is plenty of confusion and conflict in this dream, and I sense confusion and conflict in your life as well. I don't quite see the value of the exclamation point, but it did get me to read your dream first. If you are taking any meds for sleeping, this may be affecting your dreams too. In any event, there was a demonic presence throughout your dream, so while you present wonderful imagery of God and ascending to heaven, to wake up to a negative voice taunting you with the statement, "You're so irresponsible," you need to be in prayer about that now (or whatever your daily spiritual practice is, apart from dreaming). And being killed in your own dream, I sense is a very deep warning about your life at present, both internal and external. Whatever you do prior to sleep, I would suggest changing your routine, and see what happens; I suspect your ensuing dreams will be more straightforward and hopefully more gentle. Welcome to the forum, DukeDonald, and my prayers are with you.
I am not taking any meds whatsoever at the moment. I'm not sure where this dream came from, as usually I go to sleep later, and get up later. This night, I went to sleep around 10, then woke up around 11:49. The dream felt like it took forever, and it was very, very drawn out.

I could agree with the demonic presence as I felt a bit of fear throughout the dream. Especially when I was killed in my dream within, and my ascension to heaven. I almost felt as if I was going to be raptured myself, because when I woke up I had the same euphoria pulsing throughout my body. I've had this feeling before, and sometimes it's been local to my arms, or legs.

I actually would not be surprised if a demonic presence was trying to attack me, as I am working towards a Political party revolving around Christic values. I have felt very spiritually charged since I started working on this project.

Thank you for your reply.