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Full Version: Sept Project Dream Date 9-18-2015
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After my intentional statement I dreamed the following:

I saw a list with 3 columns but I could only see 2 things on the list.
1. Ice cold crack (the word 'crack' was something I was not totally sure about when I woke up- it may have been some other word)
2. More refugees

To earn more money I had run an ad to rent a spare room in my house. I was surprised when I got a call from a couple who were traveling and wanted to stay in the room. I was rushing around trying to put the house in order. The wife was an awful complainer, constantly wanting things and criticizing my state (Texas). The man was very handsome with an accent- Italian I think. 2 stray dogs and a cat showed up on my back patio wanting food. I didn't have any dog food so I gave them a plate of cat food. The next morning I left the house early and all of a sudden remembered that the couple was there and would be wanting coffee. I rushed back to the house to make coffee. Being the omniscient narrator of the dream, I heard the man say to his wife while he was shaving "I want to get a look at that X-File before the extraction." Apparently they had come to Texas to look at an "X-File". By the context, I don't think he was talking about a tooth extraction, but I don't know what else he was talking about.