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Full Version: Snowboarding in Whistler
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I was with a group of people that are all acquaintances on some kind of reality show. We were told our next activity would be snowboarding in Whistler. None of us had done this sport before so we all required lessons. We were taken out in a group lesson on the very cliff like slopes, and the instructor was teaching us how to hop down these near vertical walls of jagged ice, and how to slide down the slopes with some modicum of control. Lots of people fell down. I was afraid of the heights and of getting cut on the ice. There was more ice than snow around. I thought screw it and just jumped and started down the slope. It was like I was riding along in someone else's head at that point. they fell down, and then very nearby a gondola fell off it's overhead cable and crashed into the ground. The class instructor was really angry and accused the person I was watching of deliberately chewing off the necklace they had been wearing (wtf?!), causing it to fly up and knock the gondola to the ground. My bullsh#t meter was going off the scale at that point. as I looked around I could see the necklace had hit another person in the forehead leaving both a triangular indent, and inside that a circular hole that looked like a bullet hole. there was no blood and the person was alive and functioning just fine, but they were mad they got hit in the head. the whole gondola thing was an accident that didn't have anything to do with the original wearer of the necklace. I couldn't figure out why the instructor needed a scapegoat.
The Triad with a circle in the middle is a symbol (logo if you will)
of an occult Theosophic Society back in the late 19th early 20th century.

To place it in the third eye portion of the forehead is a strong metaphor.

Personal note- gliding down steep ice slopes reminds me of my days learning how
to ski on New England slopes. More ice than snow. More terror than joy.
It really hones the skills and tempers the fear buttons..
When I hit powder out West, I thought I was in ski heaven.