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Full Version: QUESTION for the ASTROLOGERS
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Regarding our September 2015 project, dreams and results-
Please enlighten me.
What is your opinion of the potential effects of Mercury in Retrograde?
It seems that it spanned most of the time period back to front.
I am NOT an astrologer but this is about the best write up I have seen re: this Mercury retrograde.

Here we go again??
this is awesome.
Great find.
No this is not a religion and NO this should not be a basis
of reality
however, it sure in synchronous with the report period.
They say don't sign legal documents during Mercury retrograde and try not to buy electronics. Things might be problematic if you do. I have a friend who gets horrible phone reception during this time. She also tries not to fix appliances during this time because they seem to "fix" themselves after MR is over.

Here is also a good link.