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Full Version: Gas prices go lower than now but skyrocket way up
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I had a dream where gas prices went way lower but then suddenly they skyrocketed way up to around 9 dollars a gallon and seeing a lot less traffic around and a lot of businesses went under. People lined up for food in danger of starving and space based weapons laser like being used to destroy homes things set on fire.
Thank you for posting this dream Aja and welcome to the NDC. Many of our dreamers have had dreams of food scarcity. Do you happen to know where your dream took place and the time of year?
I wouldn't doubt this because many smaller energy companies are going bankrupt right now...just listen to Jim a lot of the derivitives exposure is on these energy companies that are losing money big time especially the fracking companies because the price per barrel in order to break even has to be around $90 a's $45 right now. Those companies that didn't put a futures hedge on their oil a while back are in the deepest trouble because the price keeps tanking...Morgan Stanely is the biggest holder of the hedge on the futures contracts and when it blows up there will be no way Morgan Stanely can cover the trillions in futures contracts on oil, anyway, so even more energy companies will go down.
I just listened to jim willie's most recent cast on you tube, dreamevil, and he does state that Iran is ready to sell a bunch of oil if given the green light in order to keep the oil prices down.