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Full Version: Tornado Dream, 9.27.15, AM
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Start of Dream: I am in a neighborhood, the houses are close together, on a hilltop. I feel something not right with the weather. I go to the back yard, look in the distance and see a huge tornado. I don't know which way it's headed so I run to tell my neighbors to take shelter.
I go back to my house and tell someone we need to get to a safe place. We walk around to the front of the house looking in the distance and see a line of tornados on a row. We walk into the house and stay there until it's over.

When it was quiet we walk outside and see that all is well in our neighborhood. I notice there are loose dogs walking around and think peoples gates must have blown open. Then I think OMG, where is my dog. I felt guilty about forgetting about my dog. Then I thought, wait, she passed away years ago, that's why you didn't think about her. Then I see an elderly woman and she has a bunch of dogs she is caring for in her yard. Mine is there in the group and she runs out to me. I am so happy to see her. Then we get busy getting all the dogs back to their owners.

I walk to the front of the house and look out into the distance where I had earlier seen the row of tornado's. The first thing I see is a round building on it's side. It reminded me of the top of a space needle building that had fallen off and was sitting on it's side. End of Dream.

Afterthoughts: Only emotion I felt was concern for the people and animals in the path of the tornados.
Tornado in Seattle? Well, about that time of year again, yes?